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    Find out all the cycling news around Greater Bristol, and what we're doing to make things better for cycling.

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    Bristol Cycling Campaign is the voice of cycling, speaking out for those who cycle and for those who'd like to.

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    Most weeks there are rides exploring the city and our lovely surroundings, there's usually a theme and a leisurely pace.

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    It's not just about protected Space for Cycling, local changes matter along with support from police and councils.

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  • Victoria Park - JIMBY's and NIMBY's

    The consultation has now closed on the planning application for the Victoria Park section of the Filwood Quietway (however comments can still be made). There are 1065 comments with a breakdown of about 56% objectors and 44% supporters (thanks to Kit Wallace for analysis). Interestingly, but not surprisingly, 85% of those living within 1km object. Those further away, and therefore more likely to consider cycling, are 82% in favour [updated 15/1/17]. We believe the proposals
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  • Victoria Park - say no to Project Fear

    The planning application for the Victoria Park walking and cycling improvements closes tonight, Weds 11th Jan, but comments are still being accepted. We state again, this is good scheme utterly in keeping with everything that Victoria Park, and all other Bristol parks needs to have in a Cycling City (here's a summary). Click here to support the Quietway Thanks to all who've voiced their support we've now got a more balanced position to the fear
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  • 'We need to change our roads so drivers can see cyclists'

    How refreshing to read a thoughtful article in a local paper (Cambridge News) about why and how to make everyday cycling normal in the UK. There's an excellent plan of a proper roundabout that works for everyone. When will we see the first of these in Bristol? Research shows that we don't perceive things at the edge of our vision - and that's putting cyclists at risk, says our cycling columnist Source: 'We need to change
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  • Victoria Park and Filwood Quietway - good for everyone

    South Bristol is poorly served for cycling. We've been advocating what is now the proposed Filwood Quiteway since our 2013 Bristol Cycling Manifesto (where it was called Q13 Knowle Quietway running all the way into the centre). A lot of work and consultation has been put into planning the details of this route by Sustrans and Bristol Council, including an innovative website for the whole route that we hope to see used again on other
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  • If Chris Grayling had doored a cyclist in Bristol?

    In some areas of Bristol up to 20% of collisions injuring cyclists are caused by motorists recklessly opening car, van etc. doors. In the last six years the police have recorded 139 cyclists being injured in this way - and 18 of them seriously (defined as requiring a stay in hospital (note 1)). Due to under-reporting these figures are likely to underestimate the extent of the problem (note 2). Injuries from this type of incident are
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  • A Modest Proposal #6; Eight to Eighty cycling on Gloucester Road +

    Did you know that Gloucester Road was one of Bristol’s busiest cycle routes? What’s more, the number of people cycling Read More
  • Useful Information for Neighbourhood Campaigns +

    We have a page about our campaign in each of the Neighbourhood Partnerships in Bristol. There are pages for South Read More
  • A Modest Proposal #3: Inner Loop Proposal +

    The Bristol Cycling Campaign is putting together a proposal to City Hall for a segregated loop around the city centre. Read More
  • Cafes list - top tips for day rides +

    We are often asked for our tips on good local cafés to visit for day rides out of Bristol, and Read More
  • A Modest Proposal #2: Bristol Promenades Routes +

    We've been given agreement to share with you some plans that we have been helping with for Promenade Routes in Read More
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