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£19m Cycle City Ambition Grant awarded to West of England – now confirmed

(Article updated 8th March 2015)

The Deputy Prime Minister outlined on 2nd March 2015 how a £114 million investment in cycling will be divided up between 8 major UK cities

We learnt in the last couple of days that the West of England (Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath & North East Somerset and North Somerset) has been successful in it’s bid for £19 of funding from the £114m extension to the Cycling City Ambition Fund programme announced in Bristol last Novemeber

The news was announced locally at the Joint Local Access Forum and an article has been published on the BaNES website along with a link to this from the TravelWest website.

We have an article published on 4th February about the project.

We need to ensure that our local authorities are able to deliver this massive project (although still a long way short of delivering a comprehensive and safe Cycle Network) with matched funding, “Triple A” standards, innovation, people-friendly zones and continuous routes with cycling priority. You can help by joining Bristol Cycling Campaign and helping with our Action Groups and getting involved with cycling in your local area.

We’ll do our best to keep you up to date on developments.