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Bristol Mayoral Hustings 2016

Here’s a tweet by tweet summary of the transport part of the Mayoral hustings on Weds 20th April 2016.   

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Growing support for Space4Cycling by Bristol Mayoral candidates

All the main candidates have now responded to our Space for Cycling Bristol Mayoral manifesto. However, the level of measureable commitment varies! The next Bristol Mayor faces huge challenges in addressing our chronic problems of congestion and pollution. Support for cycling as a mass transport solution has huge public support as shown by the Bristol Bike Life […]

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Hire Bikes for Bristol? Mayor Marvin Rees looking at London-style cycle hire

Does Bristol need a cycle share scheme? Apparently this is something that Mayor Marvin Rees is discussing with his transport supremo, Mark Bradshaw. We’ll be wanting to discuss the issue when Bristol Cycling Campaign meets Mark shortly. Source: Boris Bikes for Bristol? Mayor Marvin Rees looking at London-style cycle hire | Bristol Post There are […]

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The Mayor wants a metro…

By Rwendland - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

…to solve Bristol’s congestion problems. (More here) We wish him all the best in this. But: For a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time it would take to build we could have a fully protected network of cycle routes. Whatever the final outcome of the studies, Bristol needs to reduce […]

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The Reclaiming of Queen Square – lessons for ‘metro’ Mayor Tim Bowles


This fascinating video tells the story of how traffic was removed from Queen Square and Champion Square in Bristol. It was made for UWE’s online course Our Green City. It includes an interview with Dave Johnson, Avon County Councillor involved in making the changes to Queen Square in 1992. As we anticipate how Tim Bowles, […]

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