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250 hours community service for killing a cyclist – A Fair Tariff?

The ridiculously lenient sentence handed down to a driver for killing cyclist Peter Brown, at the Aust roundabout, again raises questions about how the law deals with such cases.

  • Given that the cyclist was clearly visible to the driver’s passenger and the driver of the car behind, why was Philip Bridges, the killer driver, not charged with dangerous driving, which would have attracted a marginally higher sentence?
  • Why, especially in the light of his previous drink driving conviction, was Bridges not given a lengthier driving ban than 15 months?
  • How can anyone suggest that 250 hours community service is any sort of punishment or deterrent for killing an innocent person?

Our sympathies go out to the widow and family of Peter Brown. They said “He has left a huge gap in our lives that will never be filled. He was a very active man who cycled 150 to 200 miles a week and had years ahead of him.”