Bristol Mayor’s congestion task force looking at opportunities for quick wins that reduce congestion and journey times without disadvantaging other road users.

We have a modest suggestion for Filton Road in Horfield which we put forward for consideration, Filton Road improvement Oct2017 for Congestion Task Force. This aims to:

  • improve safety and attractiveness of southbound cycling – cycles do not need to overtake stationary traffic queuing at Dorian Road junction.
  • reduce congestion on Filton Road southbound, especially in pm peak hours
  • improve journey reliability for buses, which currently get caught in congestion in the pm peak hours.

Please note however that this very modest proposal aimed at relatively quick deployment. However, a large volume of evidence demonstrates that increasing the attractiveness of cycling for people of all ages, especially children, is the most cost-effective way of improving health and reducing car trips; and that this is best achieved through increasing the amount of cycle lanes which are completely segregated from traffic. A quick glance at the type of cyclists encountered in Dutch cities – all ages, social backgrounds and abilities – indicates why. Further information on practical steps can be found at Space for Cycling