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A38 to Little Stoke Park Patchway Link – multi use path

South Glos Council has been awarded funds by the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) to investigate improvements to the connectivity between the A38, the old airfield site and Patchway. The consultation is here and was discussed at the South Glos Cycle forum meeting.  They state that “The route will provide a quiet alternative and connects into the cycle network east of the Railway in Little Stoke Park. It will also provide a link for pedestrians and cyclists allowing them to avoid Gypsy Patch Lane.”

We’ve done a consultation response, A38 to Little Stoke Park Patchway Link Feb 2019, and as follows:

I am responding both as a local resident and as a representative of Bristol Cycling Campaign. I strongly support the creation of this route and expect to use the route myself several times a week if it is built.

On several occasions, I have observed school children (presumably cycling home from school) struggling to lift their bikes over the two kissing gates at the entrances to Rolls Royce’s field. I assume that these gates will be removed as part of this scheme, and it is essential that they are removed.

Similarly the steps on the railway bridge need to be eliminated, as do the barriers in the A38 subway which are a safety hazard in poor light (risk of cyclists noticing them too late and colliding with them).

We would very much prefer that the proposed motorcycle barriers are not included in the scheme. If for some reason they are retained, then a design should be chosen which minimises inconvenience to cyclists, e.g. a retractable design which is only brought into operation at times when there is in fact a problem with motorcycles.

The width of the short footpath between Redfield Road and Rolls Royce’s field is very much less-than-ideal for a cycle route. We understand that in the short-term this is the only route available and therefore we support its use as an interim route. However we urge the council to continue to strive to secure a better route. A route around the perimeter of the Rolls Royce works would be both more direct and enable a wider path to be provided.

Consideration should be given to providing a ramp from the west-end of the railway bridge to the west-bound platform of Patchway Station. This would greatly improve accessible access to the station from Patchway and Charlton Hayes and hence encourage more use of sustainable transport.

The proposed route is useful in its own right, especially as a diversionary route during the proposed closure of Gypsy Patch Lane, and obviously it needs to be available for use before the closures begin. However the route is needed even more as part of an “aspirational major route” between Bradley Stoke Town Centre and Cribbs Causeway – as set out in the South Glos Cycling Strategy:

We look forward to progress being made with the rest of the route, including:

– Provision of a segregated cycleway on the heavily-trafficked central section of Savages Wood Road (between Brook Way and Bradley Stoke Way). Parking will need to be eliminated to make space for this. There are too many pedestrians for a shared-use path to work well here.

– Modification (or preferably removal) of the unnecessarily restrictive barriers on the existing short cycle path at the west end of Savages Wood Road. There is certainly no need for two sets of barriers a few metres from each other as at present. No feedback report has yet been provided on the 2015 consultation on this short cycle path:

– Sign-posting and some minor improvements of routes through Little Stoke and Charlton Hayes.