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BCyC Ride Exploring F11 – the ‘Inner Middle Orbital’ Freeway

Sam Saunders lead a group of riders around this route on the proposed Strategic Cycling Network on Sunday 5th October, 2014. There’s a fair bit of work to be done in working up plans that we can use to press the council for changes, but this is good start.  Here’s his report:

Thanks to those who patiently followed me round my version of the Bristol Strategic Cycling Network’s  Inner Middle Orbital Cycling Freeway (F11) this morning. A chilly start was cheered up with various cakes and coffees in St Werburgh’s. After that things got warmer and tougher. Sylvia Avenue was probably my favourite bit.

Despite Bristol’s noble efforts to put cycle infrastructure in it was obvious that bits and bobs of cycle lane are nowhere near what would be demanded of a dedicated network. Short sections of not too bad provision are interspersed with quite a lot of hostile road.

I said I would invite comments in this forum from anyone who was on the ride,about specific things we noticed or learned about what would be needed to make something like F11 a genuine route that was worth signposting and advertising. Anyone else is more than welcome to add commetns of course. The more the merrier.

The map I worked from was the web version of the Bristol Strategic Cycling Network at:

Sam Saunders
Key points of note:
  • Easton Way – as an alternative to Easton Way itself, there is a proposed cycle route on roads  just N of and close to Easton Way that Nick Pates presented at a recent monthly cycling projects meeting.  I think such a route would more naturally lead into the roundabout subways through to the other side of the roundabout 
  • St Philip’s Causeway – surprisingly OK.  Segregated cycle way is separated from main roadway by hatched strip for much of the way.  Great views !
  • Arnos Vale cemetery – great route, good surface
  • Sylvia Avenue – great views !
  • St John’s Lane/Bedminster Road  – unpleasant.  Busy with traffic.  Not a very wide road, so solution may not be easy ?
  • Parsons Street triangle – needs the second part of a contraflow to be completed through to Winterstoke Road – to avoid the hill and the traffic
  • Wintertstoke Road – surprisingly good segregated cycle way
  • Clanage Road/Rownham Hill  – quite busy with traffic.  Not a very wide road, so solution may not be easy ?  
  • Rownham Hill – A very steep bit through trees – OK going down but not up – narrow, so no easy solution.  Use Burwalls Road instead ? 
  • from the Suspension Bridge to Whiteladies Road – works well