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Bristol Cycle Campaign Dutch Study Tour 2015

“Bristol has much to learn from Dutch cities” ~ George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol

After our very successful first study tour last year, we are planning our 2015 visit to the Netherlands. We will again be making use of the very detailed and insightful tours from David Hembrow, taking in the Northern Dutch cities of Assen and Groningen. These locations boast some of the best cycling infrastructure in the world (and also some that would not look at all out of place in Bristol 5 years ago).

Anyone considering what might be learned should start with this video How the Dutch got their cycle paths. And then follow that up with this 5 minute summary of a 3 day tour.

At this point we need only very general expressions of interest. There is no commitment at all, but we’d like to make sure we choose a date that will suit most people. Even if its only a whim, do chip in! We’re trying to decide between late August, late September, and early October.