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There is a Traffic and Transport sub-group and a NP plan with 2015 transport themes being:

  1. Reduce the amount of congestion on and pollution from the Highway network.
  2. Improve the safety of highways and footways.
  3. Ensure that resident parking schemes are well-managed, effectively enforced and reviewed in a timely manner.
  4. Support the implementation of a Low Emission Zone.

Space for Cycling 2016 ward improvements and councillor statements:


  • Callowhill Court - large development, carpark and change to routes around Broadmead - our response

    'Callowhill Court' is the name given to a huge redevelopment of a large part of Broadmead, including changes to traffic

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  • Clifton contraflows - Oakfield Road - Clifton Road - Lower Clifton Hill

    We are pleased to see three proposals for cycling contraflows in Clifton. These low volume, low speed roads are suitable

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  • Bristol University Tyndall Avenue public realm changes - our response

    Bristol University are proposing to 'stop up' Tyndall Place including the junctions at either end as part of their master

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  • A Modest Proposal #5: The Bear Pit / St James Barton Roundabout

    St James Barton roundabout remains among the worst in Bristol for cyclists. This is despite the sterling work of The

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  • Roman Road on The Downs – It's a bit better. Oh no it isn't!

    Guest Blog from Wheels On The Bike about traffic on The Downs. Plans to improve this very problematic and unpleasant

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