We’re making Bristol better for cycling. We speak up for cycling locally, city-wide, and nationally. We lobby. We get involved in consultations. We promote the evidence. We call out the failures. You can help! Our campaigning work includes

Space for Cycling Campaigning for a comprehensive network of high quality routes, and quiet cycle friendly neighbourhoods.
Cycling Manifesto Demanding ambition and leadership from the Mayors, Councils, Officers and opinion makers based on our cycling manifesto for a Bristol that supports independence, health and mobility for everyone
Road Justice Working with the police and council towards making cycling safer through road danger reduction and effective enforcement
Consultations Responding to proposed traffic schemes to assure high quality cycling provision
Local Getting involved with the local neighbourhood partnerships, town and parish councils of Greater Bristol
Twenty is Plenty Lower speeds on roads where people live, walk and shop benefit everyone, particularly the old and young.

Making Bristol better for cycling requires lots of effort at local level by people who know and care about their neighbourhoods and the small changes that can make a big difference.We’re working to establish a voice for cycling in every neighbourhood. This will involve developing a cycling plan as part of a Neighbourhood Sustainable Travel Plan (to include walking and public transport). We will then use this to influence local councillors and Neighbourhood Partnerships and build movements for change. Please get in touch if you are able to help and see our useful information for local campaigns.