Twenty is Plenty. Lower speeds on roads where people live, walk and shop benefit everyone, particularly the old and young. People also feel less intimidated about cycling, and our car journey times are barely affected. The encouragement this gives people to choose active travel has enormous consequences for improved health, well being and air quality for everyone in Bristol.

We strongly support the city-wide 20mph areas and want these extended to every residential street in the Greater Bristol. We support a ‘Total Twenty’ approach where higher speeds limits are an exception, and only where there is protected Space for Cycling. There is an excellent website with all the evidence at Bristol’s Better at 20.

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  • Bristol's 20mph zones work and should be copied across Britain (please note, Bath)

    Bristol's 20mph zones work and should be copied across Britain (please note, Bath)

    Last month a review of Bristol's 20mph areas was published by UWE with coverage in local media (here, here and here). This adds to the growing weight of evidence backing city-wide lower speed limits (unlike a widely ridiculed 'report' from Bath and North East Somerset Council (BANES). UWE’s Bristol Twenty Miles Per Hour Limit Evaluation (BRITE) study found that, on average, speeds on more than 100 surveyed roads have reduced since the 20mph speed limits

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  • 20mph in Bristol saves more than 4 lives a year

    20mph in Bristol saves more than 4 lives a year

    One of those lives saved could have been yours or a loved ones. We've campaigned for 20mph to be the default speed limit in Bristol for nearly 30 years and we welcome this report from UWE which also found an estimated cost saving of over £15m per year from the avoidance of fatal, serious and slight injuries. So why is Bristol City Council still forging ahead with a review of the 20mph rollout, when clearly

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  • Induced Traffic and Traffic Evaporation

    Induced Traffic and Traffic Evaporation

    The recent debate on the proposed Callington "Relief" Road has brought the concept of "induced traffic" back into the limelight. And also the the related and much neglected evidence for "reduced traffic", or the delightful concept of "traffic evaporation". So what do these terms mean? Induced Traffic As car ownership and use have increased over the past 30 years the reaction to the pressure created by additional traffic demand has often been to increase the

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  • Fighting for more air

    Fighting for more air

    On this website we previously covered the excellent BBC documentary Fighting For Air. At the end of the programme, viewers were informed they could use an air quality postcode checker, enabling anyone in the UK to see how their area faired on a simple scale of 1 – 6. However, we delved into this for some areas of Bristol already covered by local council monitoring and were not convinced by the results. The checker considers only

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  • Fighting for Air

    Fighting for Air

    On Wednesday 10 January, BBC Two aired Fighting for Air, a documentary looking at how a local community in Birmingham, aided by a BBC team, set about tackling pollution on their local high street. The street could have been a number of shopping streets in Bristol, with almost identical debates on issues involved. The solutions put forwarded for reducing pollution were smoothing traffic flow by introducing green waves, replacing the parking bays with vegetation and

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  • Public support for 20mph limits holds firm, new study reveals

    Public support for 20mph limits holds firm, new study reveals

    It's good to see yet another new report about the popularity of 20mph limits, this one from UWE academics published on the Bristol Health Partners website: Seven in every 10 adults in Great Britain support the introduction of 20mph speed limits in busy streets, according to a major new survey.The poll conducted by YouGov earlier this year found 72 per cent of the 3,000 respondents backed the limit in busy streets, with 21 per cent

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  • 20mph saves emissions, energy AND lives

    20mph saves emissions, energy AND lives

    The 20mph debate rages on in Bristol, with murmurings of potential reversal, Bristol Cycle Campaign want to shed some facts on an important aspect – Energy and Emissions. We've even got a handy infographic. One controversial argument often heard is that a vehicle travelling at 20mph has higher fuel consumption and emissions than at 30mph. Whilst it is true that the gearing on most passenger cars means that traveling on an empty motorway at 20 instead

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  • We say

    We say "20mph is Good for Bristol" at council debate

    Following the success of the "Keep and extend 20mph limits" petition with over 4,000 signatures, there was a full council debate on March 15th. We put in a written submission in support BCyC Statement March2016 Keeping and extending Bristol 20mph Areas. There was 'shock and awe' when the Bristol Post came out in support as well. They seemed to have been swayed by the arguments that Bristol’s Better at 20. Here's the text of our

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