Responding to consultations is an important part of what we do. There’s an active group pressing for Triple A quality (All Ages and Abilities) and for capacity that will encourage more people to cycle, and plan for the projected levels of 20% within 10 years.

Consultation responses (click for full list)
  • Proposals for Coronation Rd - Dean Lane crossing

    Draft plans have been circulated for this is very important and heavily used route for walking and cycling at the south end of Gaol Ferry Bridge (plan). The current arrangement is most unsatisfactory and long overdue for improvement. This has come to top of the pile as Bristol Council tries to find deliverable schemes as the Cycling Ambition Fund completion deadline approaches in 2018. The CAF team have increasingly struggled to get through projects that

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  • Nelson Street 'a messy chaotic street'

    A draft set of plans have been shared with us of how to improve Nelson Street for cycling and walking, after the changes made for MetroBus. If you can understand plans have a look and tell us what you think. There's a set of photos below which show the current problems. These are part of the Cycle Ambition Fund programme North-South route. We don't consider the proposals go nearly far enough for this key walking

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  • Victoria Park, a missed opportunity or is something better than nothing?

    The latest stage of the saga of the Victoria Park section of the Filwood Quietway draws to a close. New proposals have been made as part of the Cycling Ambition Fund programme for the Filwood Quietway after the withdrawal of the previous properly ambitious and well balanced proposals in January 2017, after a vitriolic anti-cycling campaign playing on fear. As we feared, the current proposals are watered down and compromised to such an extent that

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  • Callowhill Court - large development, carpark and change to routes around Broadmead - our response

    'Callowhill Court' is the name given to a huge redevelopment of a large part of Broadmead, including changes to traffic and bus routes in the whole area. We've been paying close attention since the initial proposals in December 2016, and there have been significant changes, however as members and strong supporters of Living Heart for Bristol, we are very much in agreement with the points they raised 1000 Space New Car Park and 4-Lane Road

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  • Clifton contraflows - Oakfield Road - Clifton Road - Lower Clifton Hill

    We are pleased to see three proposals for cycling contraflows in Clifton. These low volume, low speed roads are suitable for contraflows by signage alone. All three streets are used in practice by cyclists against the one-way, demonstrating the need for two way flow for cycles. All are within 20 mph limit. We support this proposal. Here's the pdf BCyC.Consultations.Clifton.ND.2.8.17 Oakfield Road Clifton Road Lower Clifton Hill Space for Cycling Does this measure provide for

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  • Southmead Quietway – Cairns Road & Wellington Hill West Crossings

    The Southmead Quietway is part of the £19m Cycling Ambition Fund to upgrade walking and cycling routes across the city. It links one of the busiest cycle routes in the city, Gloucester Road, through residential areas with high levels of cycle use, to the Southmead Hospital and north Bristol. It is identified as important ‘local link’ in the neighbourhood plans of Bishopston, Cotham and Redland, Stoke Bishop, Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze, and Horfield and Lockleaze. Here's

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  • Bristol University Tyndall Avenue public realm changes - our response

    Bristol University are proposing to 'stop up' Tyndall Place including the junctions at either end as part of their master plan. Here's our view. Response to Consultation (BCyCResponsetoTyndallAvenue) Bristol Cycling Campaign 23 February 2017 Tyndall Avenue Public Realm Project Our overall position on this consultation is: Support with strong qualification Space for Cycling Does this measure deliver 1) Protected space on main roads; 2) Remove through motor traffic; 3) Safe routes to school; 4)

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  • Filwood Quietway St John’s Lane & Wedmore Vale Consultation - our response

    The Filwood Quietway is proposed to link the south of the city with the centre. It is one of the main elements of the £19m Cycling Ambition Fund to upgrade walking and cycling routes across the city. There are four sections, with different characteristics, and different processes for consultation and planning: Whitehouse Street, Victoria Park, St John's Lane and Wedmore Vale, and the Northern Slopes. The Filwood Quietway section of the TravelWest website has a

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