Making Bristol better for cycling

Liveable Neighbourhoods

Achieving ‘everyday cycling, for everyone’ means creating Space for Cycling through a network of protected routes on our roads, and also low traffic Liveable Neighbourhoods. This is the big picture and ambitious strategic plan as set out in our Cycling Manifesto. But it also requires lots of effort at local level by people who know and care about their neighbourhoods and the small changes that can make a big difference for better (or worse).

We’re strong supporters of Liveable Neighbourhoods for Bristol, the campaign for streets for locals, not through-traffic. The campaigning group meets regularly and uses a Slack to keep in touch. Introduce yourself to get involved. Remember that most campaigning is done not through the formal group but by individuals getting stuck in to an issue that concerns them, using this useful information.

Twenty is Plenty was one of our founding campaign objectives in 1991 and has largely been achieved as a foundation for the next step of Liveable Neighbourhoods for Bristol.

We’ve set up a page for each neighbourhood where you’ll find information about what’s going on, please help us keep up to date.