Cycling in Bristol is quick, cheap and improves people’s health so why don’t more people do it?

Shifting from cars to bikes cuts congestion and is pollution-free so why is investment so low?

Leading European cities make it easy to cycle so where is the cycling network for Bristol?

To get Space for Cycling there needs to be political will and leadership. We work with the Bristol Mayor, the WECA Mayor, local councils, councillors, officers, businesses and community groups to build a consensus for change.

2017   We had statements of support for our Cycling Manifesto from all main candidates for West of England ‘Metro’ Mayor, including from Tim Bowles who was elected.

2016   Nearly 2/3 of elected councillors had gave statements of support for our Cycling Manifesto, including the innovative Space for Cycling 2016 ward map. We also had support from the Bristol Mayor candidates including Marvin Rees who was elected.

2013   We produced a concise cycling strategy for Greater Bristol, including 200 miles of cycling ‘freeways’ (protected from traffic) and ‘quietways’.

Cycling Manifesto posts (click for full list)
  • Knowing where to spend money

    Knowing where to spend money

    There is much insight to be gained from data, given the right perspective. One of the most alarming figures is that 129,000 people drive to work in the city of Bristol. Of those, 57,603 (44.6%) live within a 20 minute, 5km, bicycle ride to work. It's worth pausing to let that sink in. Nearly half of Bristol commuter drivers live within a 20 minute bicycle ride to work. Adam Reynolds of CycleBath has emerged from

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  • The Mayor wants a metro...

    The Mayor wants a metro... solve Bristol's congestion problems. (More here) We wish him all the best in this. But: For a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time it would take to build we could have a fully protected network of cycle routes. Whatever the final outcome of the studies, Bristol needs to reduce motor traffic and increase active travel to make it a healthier and more 'liveable' city. And that means being radical.

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  • Vote Bike! What the Metro Mayor candidates say

    Vote Bike! What the Metro Mayor candidates say

    Tim Bowles (Conservative) is our new West of England Regional Mayor (results). We look forward to working with him to enable everyday cycling, for everyone, everywhere in our region. What will the West of England Metro Mayor do for cycling? Given the level of excitement it's possible turnout will be low - meaning that those who DO vote can really make a difference. The bookies are putting the Tories and Lib Dems as equal favourites. If

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  • Partial Win for Our Prince Street Bridge Campaign? [Updated with photos]

    Partial Win for Our Prince Street Bridge Campaign? [Updated with photos]

    The covers are off and we can now see what the renovated bridge will be like when it opens in the next few weeks. Note that the southbound lane has the same narrow pavement as before. Northbound now has a cycleway and a footway, with a very slight height difference. It's not clear if there will be further visual cues to separate the two. Judging by the following response to our Prince Street Bridge petition

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  • Cycling Manifesto for the Metro Mayor

    Cycling Manifesto for the Metro Mayor

    On 4th May 2017 we will be electing the first 'Metro Mayor' of the West of England Combined Authority. They will have powers to really get serious about making cycling an option for everyone, to clean up the region’s air, to reduce journey time, and to get people active. Bristol Cycling, working with Cycle Bath and Cycling UK, have sent our West of England Cycling Manifesto to the main candidates which sets out the case

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  • How to campaign for Space for Cycling? Bristol workshop 10th Dec

    How to campaign for Space for Cycling? Bristol workshop 10th Dec

    Cycling UK and the Bristol Cycling Campaign are excited to host a Space for Cycling workshop in Bristol. The aim of the event is to engage with local campaign groups, council members and the wider public in the West of England, to share expertise and ideas, to network and to gear up for the next stage in the Space for Cycling campaign! Date: 10 December 2016 Cost: Donation or free Register your interest here The

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  • Space for Cycling wins Bristol Elections 2016

    Space for Cycling wins Bristol Elections 2016

    Following a hard fought campaign Space for Cycling emerged as the clear winner of the Bristol 2016 elections, securing not only the mayoralty, but also 63% of all the Councillors. Mayor Marvin Rees (who also represents Labour) said "I support cycling. Not only does it have obvious health benefits in keeping people fit and improving the air quality, but it has social benefits too, getting people out and about, talking to each other, experiencing life."

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  • Growing support for Space4Cycling by Bristol Mayoral candidates

    All the main candidates have now responded to our Space for Cycling Bristol Mayoral manifesto. However, the level of measureable commitment varies! The next Bristol Mayor faces huge challenges in addressing our chronic problems of congestion and pollution. Support for cycling as a mass transport solution has huge public support as shown by the Bristol Bike Life 2015 report where 7 in 10 people want to see more spent on safer cycling infrastructure. Recent experience

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