Two thirds of people in Greater Bristol won’t even consider riding a bike. They say the roads are too dangerous. Better cycle ways are important, but police enforcement makes cycling and walking safer. Our Road Justice Group is working with the Avon and Somerset Police to improve reporting of incidents and near misses, as well as proper investigation and enforcement action. Other actions are on speeding and ‘doorings’.

We’ve prepared a guide on what to do if you’re involved in an incident

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  • News on Road Justice from meeting with police, June 2017

    The Bristol Road Justice Group met senior Avon and Somerset Police officers at the beginning of June to discuss ongoing concerns as to police road traffic law enforcement and other work to reduce the dangers posed to cyclists by dangerous driving. The meeting was timely following the publication last month of the detailed report 'Our Lawless Roads' from the national road victims’ charity RoadPeace, which reports an alarming drop in traffic law enforcement and in

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  • Cycling and the Justice System - report from parliamentary inquiry

    The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group has now published their report Cycling and the Justice System, following five evidence sessions earlier this year. There's a news article about here and you can read the Bristol Cycling submission here. We're pleased that our submission points are fully covered in the report. The report mades 14 recommendations: * The Highway Code should be revised * The driving test must be changed to help improve driver behaviour towards cyclists * Professional

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  • Progress with the Police on near misses and recording injuries

    Late last year the Road Justice Group met with the PCC, Sue Mountstevens, and Avon & Somerset’s Acting Head of Road Safety, Chief Inspector Kevan Rowlands, to discuss our concerns as to road traffic law enforcement. We’ve recently pursued a number of those issues in follow-up correspondence. Firstly, the police and council claim that their statistics show a decline in the number injured in road traffic collisions. (At least one cyclist a day is injured

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  • Bristol Cycling secure commitment to "Close Pass" initiative from Avon & Somerset Police

    Campaigning from Bristol Cycling's Road Justice team has resulted in a commitment from Avon & Somerset Police Chief Inspector Kevan Rowlands to implement a "Close Pass" operation. This is a key commitment in protecting people riding bikes from poor driving. Fear of the dangers of cycling on the road with cars is one of the biggest barriers stopping people taking up cycling and the Bristol Road Justice group was formed as part of Cycling UK’s

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  • Bristol Road Justice group - what we do

    Avon & Somerset Police recorded 250 incidents of injury to cyclists in 2015, with 38 being detained in hospital. Almost 100% of these injuries resulted from a collision or other interaction with a motorist's vehicle. And there is good evidence from the Department for Transport that police statistics are a significant under-representation of the true extent of the problem of motorists injuring other road users, often with impunity. The Bristol Road Justice group was formed

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  • What to do if you are involved in a road traffic collision while cycling

    The Bristol Road Justice campaign group of Bristol Cycling is keen to hear from cyclists who have been victims of road incidents (whether injured or not) with regards to how the police have responded. Please send reports to These will help us to identify any issues we need to address with A&S Police. Thanks for your help with this - we know that such incidents cause a lot of distress, but unless incidents get reported

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  • Bristol Road Justice Group submits evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group's inquiry

    The All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group have launched a new inquiry. All-Party Parliamentary Groups are informal cross-party Westminster groups that are run by and for members of the Houses of Commons and Lords. They cover subjects which are of interest to members of parliament from all parties. It allows members to work constructively with others from different political persuasions on an issue of common interest. Read more about the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group's new inquiry here:

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  • What are the police doing about collisions resulting in injury to cyclists?

    Cycling road casualty numbers appear to have stabilised with collisions per million km cycled having dropped. But the police still recorded 250 incidents* of injury to cyclists in 2015 1 with 38 being detained in hospital 2. So what are the police doing about this? Well the answer is, as far as enforcement action is concerned, not much. Bristol Road Justice Group has been monitoring the police’s response to incidents. We looked at three areas

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