Making Bristol better for cycling

Space for Cycling

Lots of people cycle in Greater Bristol, bringing great benefits to themselves, and to the city. But two thirds of people consider cycling too risky for them. They want protection from intimidating motor traffic. They know that sharing with pedestrians can be uncomfortable for both. The only proven way to enable cycling for everyone is to provide a continuous and dedicated cycling network to ‘Triple A’ quality standards – for All Ages and Abilities. We need low traffic Liveable Neighbourhoods where we live, learn, shop and play

This is the work of our Space for Cycling action group. It means setting out a positive vision, lobbying for change, and speaking up for cycling. The S4C group meets regularly and uses a Slack to keep in touch. Introduce yourself to get involved. Remember that most campaigning is done not through the formal group but by individuals getting stuck in to an issue that concerns them, using this useful information.

Space for Cycling means:

  • REDUCED THROUGH-TRAFFIC  on residential streets making streets more pleasant and liveable for residents
  • PROTECTED SPACE – Lots of high quality, protected, continuous, cycleways.
  • SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL so that children can to cycle to school safely helping them be more active and independent
  • PEOPLE-FRIENDLY CENTRES – Prioritising walking, cycling and public transport makes public spaces more pleasant places to work, shop and relax.
  • TRAFFIC-FREE ROUTES – Open new routes for cycling, giving safer options for recreation and commuting.
  • LOWER TRAFFIC SPEEDS – Design streets to naturally encourage lower speeds

Recent posts about making Space for Cycling (click for full list)

  • All the consultations!

    All the consultations!

    Bristol City Council currently has nine consultations open for street interventions across the city, which could lead to improved environments for people walking and cycling in those areas. We've written a detailed response for five of these, which you can view here: ATF Consultation Response Jan 2021 - Bristol Cycling The first response covers the following areas: Cotham Hill, Cotham Princess Victoria Street, Clifton St Marks Road, Easton Rosemary Lane, Eastville Picton Street, Montpelier We'll soon

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  • More consultations now open for street transformations

    More consultations now open for street transformations

    Hot on the heels of the three consultations which opened last week, Bristol City Council has opened three further consultations for Park Row, Rosemary Lane (Eastville) and Picton Street (Montpelier). These which could be transformed into better places for people walking and cycling. These changes will be implemented in the first half of 2021 with funding from the government's "Active Travel Fund". Two of these streets, Rosemary Lane in Eastville and Picton Street in Montpelier,

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  • Improvement consultations now open for three streets in Bristol

    Improvement consultations now open for three streets in Bristol

    Three new consultations have been opened today by Bristol City Council, ahead of changes which could be made to streets in Bristol early next year, paid for by the DfT’s “Active Travel Fund”. These early stage consultations have been opened for three streets: Cotham Hill, Cotham Princess Victoria Street, Clifton St Marks Road, Easton There are great opportunities on these streets to create better environments for residents and businesses whilst improving conditions for sustainable transport.

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  • Don’t Blow it Bristol!

    Don’t Blow it Bristol!

    #DontBlowItBristol We're at risk of losing Bristol’s new sustainable infrastructure of expanded pavements, cycle lanes and other road changes was brought in to help in the fight against Covid-19. The new infrastructure has given a boost to vulnerable groups allowing people to socially distance, get cleaner air and feel safer when they are out and about. But lobby groups who want cars to dominate our city are pushing councillors to reverse these decisions. Pressure from

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  • More funding for cycling measures in Bristol

    More funding for cycling measures in Bristol

    Today, the government made its long-awaited funding announcement for tranche 2 of the Emergency Active Travel Fund. The first tranche was a relatively small amount of money for Bristol, thanks to the formula used by the government, which prioritised areas with high public transport usage. Nevertheless, this first round of funding delivered the “pop up” cycle lanes on Park Row, Lewins Mead, Mina Road, Counterslip & Clifton Triangle, as well as extra pavement space for

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  • Downs Loop consultation - please show your support

    Downs Loop consultation - please show your support

    Our friends at Cycle Sunday are currently running a public consultation on their proposal for the Downs Loop. This includes wide accessible paths to welcome all users, new raised crossings, and traffic calming (around Circular Road). Vicki Cracknell, from the Downs Loop campaign shares an update: We have been so inspired by a young woman called Eleanor who describes herself as an adaptive cyclist meaning she is unable to ride a traditional two-wheeled bike. She

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  • Gear Change and LTN 1/20 - the start of a cycling revolution, or another false dawn?

    Gear Change and LTN 1/20 - the start of a cycling revolution, or another false dawn?

    Months, years and sometimes decades go by with only warm words and crumbs from Government on cycling. We've had false dawns before but on July 28 the government published two potentially revolutionary documents for cycling: Gear change: a bold vision for cycling and walking, and the less snappily titled LTN 1/20 Cycle infrastructure design. Showing commitment based on what has worked in London, in the foreword to Gear Change Boris Johnson says about cycling: It

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  • CyclingWorks Bristol campaign launches

    CyclingWorks Bristol campaign launches

    CyclingWorks Bristol is a new campaign to bring together employers across our region to voice their support for infrastructure to enable safer commuting by bike. It is based on a successful model used in London, that was influential in the delivery of its first cycling superhighway. Can you help to get your employer to support this campaign? Visit the website to find out more: We suggest that you share this website with your sustainability

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