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Space for Cycling

Lots of people cycle in Bristol, bringing great benefits to themselves, and to the city. But two thirds of people consider cycling too risky for them. They want protection from intimidating motor traffic. They know that sharing with pedestrians can be uncomfortable for both. The only proven way to open cycling for all is to provide a continuous and dedicated cycling network, to ‘Triple A’ standards – for All Ages and Abilities.

This is the work of our Space for Cycling action group. It means setting out a positive vision, proposing radical ideas, and speaking up for cycling. The S4C group meets every month, uses a forum, and an issues map. Introduce yourself to get involved. Remember that most campaigning is done not through the formal group but by individuals getting stuck in to an issue that concerns them, using this useful information.

Space for Cycling means:

  • REDUCED THROUGH-TRAFFIC  on residential streets making streets more pleasant and liveable for residents
  • PROTECTED SPACE – Lots of high quality, protected, continuous, cycleways.
  • SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL so that children can to cycle to school safely helping them be more active and independent
  • PEOPLE-FRIENDLY CENTRES – Prioritising walking, cycling and public transport makes public spaces more pleasant places to work, shop and relax.
  • TRAFFIC-FREE ROUTES – Open new routes for cycling, giving safer options for recreation and commuting.
  • LOWER TRAFFIC SPEEDS – Design streets to naturally encourage lower speeds

Recent posts about making Space for Cycling (click for full list)

  • CyclingWorks Bristol campaign launches

    CyclingWorks Bristol campaign launches

    CyclingWorks Bristol is a new campaign to bring together employers across our region to voice their support for infrastructure to enable safer commuting by bike. It is based on a successful model used in London, that was influential in the delivery of its first cycling superhighway. Can you help to get your employer to support this campaign? Visit the website to find out more: We suggest that you share this website with your sustainability

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  • WECA: more funding please!

    WECA: more funding please!

    Bristol Cycling Campaign calls on the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) to provide additional funding for walking and cycling. We understand that central government have allocated the first tranche of the £250m funding for walking and cycling in the COVID19 recovery, first announced on 9th May 2020. Of the £45m in this first wave, just £741,000 has been made available to the WECA region, as the allocation was based on levels of public transport

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  • The Future of Cycling in Bristol - Webinar May 2020

    The Future of Cycling in Bristol - Webinar May 2020

    Well over 100 people joined our first ever webinar on 21st May, 19:30. If you missed it settle down to catch up with this recording. At a time which feels like a proverbial 'once in a generation' moment for cycling we aimed to outline some specific campaigns and how we're pressing for action on: The future of cycling in Bristol How can a Low Traffic Neighourhood approach solve many of Bristol's issues? We present how

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  • COVID-19 Temporary Measures Southville and Bedminster

    COVID-19 Temporary Measures Southville and Bedminster

    As we emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown, we've been in detailed discussion with local councillors in a number of areas of the city about what can be done quickly to enable walking and cycling. Here's our proposals from 17th May for Southville and Bedminster (Southville & Bedminster Temporary Covid Measures). We're pleased to see some of them underway. We've got a map where you can Suggest a change for your area, or support existing ideas.

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  • Proposals for Centre to Hicks Gate via St Philip’s Marsh & Bath Rd (LCWIP Bristol Route 1)

    Proposals for Centre to Hicks Gate via St Philip’s Marsh & Bath Rd (LCWIP Bristol Route 1)

    There are 12 radial cycle routes proposed for significant investment in the West of England Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, published in January 2020. This is the only game in town at the moment for cycling improvements, although there's no funding or timescale as yet. We put in a detailed response to the 127 page document, but both plan and response are quite hefty. We're going to break it down into more digestible chunks

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  • Let's have safer streets during Covid-19

    Let's have safer streets during Covid-19

    If you've been out during the Covid Lockdown you'll have noticed that the proportion of folk cycling and walking compared to driving has rocketed. In some places it's difficult to maintain social distance, while in others a small number of drivers are racing at intimidating speeds on the roads. In many cities and towns around the world quick, innovative but temporary measures are being used to make streets safe and comfortable for key workers and

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  • Clifton Downs accessible path update

    Clifton Downs accessible path update

    Whilst Covid-19 is clearly a global tragedy, it is fantastic to see children cycling on the roads in Bristol as a result of the national lockdown. Anyone that has cycled around Clifton Downs recently will have seen families enjoying the reduced traffic on the Downs. However, it is clear to see by the numbers cycling on the grass that cycling on the road is still a concern for many parents. We asked Vicki Cracknell of

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  • Our response to WECA's Cycling Plan

    Proposed LCWIP routes Our members will remember we asked them to respond, last month, to the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) Consultation. This is important as the Plan is, essentially, the game in town for cycling improvements in Bristol and the surrounding area over the next 16 years. We’ve written about the background to the LCWIP previously. Accordingly the Campaign put in a carefully considered response. We

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