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Reporting illegal and obstructive car parking

There was a real spate of this following new cycle routes in the centre when car (and lorry) drivers treated it as parking. What worked there was repeated reporting of each vehicle to Bristol Council parking services using the online form at Twitter can also be very successful, if you have an account and […]

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The start of cycle campaigning in Bristol, lessons for today?

It’s well worth settling down with the hot beverage of your choice and letting the estimable John Grimshaw tell you about the start of cycle campaigning in Bristol, and we venture, in the UK. He describes the striking series of demonstrations and actions that started in 1974 and lead to the Bristol Bath Railway Path […]

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Rebel Riders – Climate Change Ride to London, April 12th – 15th

Extinction Rebellion group bare bums in the House of Commons

You may have heard, or seen about Extinction Rebellion (XR) by now. Remember the bare bums in the House of Commons? In the week starting April 15th, XR will be mounting its biggest and most disruptive action yet, to force the government to take emergency action on climate change.  This page explains more. Thousands of […]

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New council site to propose or support a street improvement

It’s good to see a new tool from Bristol Council for proposing street improvements for cycling (and other modes). This is similar to the innovative Bristol Bugbears site which was only open from April to October 2016. The site appears to have been preloaded with ‘pre 2018’ issues, probably from the ‘Tracker’ section of the Traffic […]

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2018 AGM (and Mingle)

Bristol Cycling Campaign: sharing ideas

In planning for the evening, we had agreed to keep formal business brief, allowing more time for a Mingle we had promoted on social media and in member emails. The out-going Treasurer, Benn Woodward, took ByC members through the accounts. And we approved them. The out-going Chair, Eric Booth, explained that the formal Committee is […]

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AGM and Mingle, Wednesday 31 October 2018

When you ride a bike in Bristol you become one of the most visible parts of a campaign for a better future. It shouldn’t be this way of course, cycling should be completely normal and unremarkable. That’s what Bristol Cycling Campaign is all about, “a city where cycling is so easy that everyone does it”. BCyC […]

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What to do if your bike is stolen

Few things make your blood boil more than when someone nicks your bike. What’s more it can take away some of the joy and happiness that’s a part of cycling, with 1 in 4 reducing the amount they cycle following their bike being stolen, and a whopping 1 in 6 (17%) don’t replace their bike (Bike theft – impact […]

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Metrobus opens up a new cycle route

With the opening of the M2 Metrobus route (Ashton Vale to Temple Meads) on 3 September, you can now cycle on the new car-free cycle track from Ashton Avenue Bridge to the Long Ashton Park & Ride, linking into the Festival Way.  We sent out our infrastructure terrier to check it out. On the whole […]

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Summary Report and AGM 2017

At our AGM in September we invited Hannah Taylor from the Bristol Cycle Festival to give us an early debrief on this year’s events. But first we needed to get to the statutory business, as directed by our constitution. Our annual accounts were presented by Treasurer, Benn Woodward followed by a swift block election of our […]

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How can I get involved?

BCyC is powered by the energy of volunteers and supporters. You can help in lots of ways. Anyone riding a bike is already helping, by making cycling a normal, everyday activity. Ready for the next step? Sign up to get our Newsletter Join as a member Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Repost and like […]

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What to do if you are involved in a road traffic collision while cycling

The Bristol Road Justice campaign group of Bristol Cycling is keen to hear from cyclists who have been victims of road incidents (whether injured or not) with regards to how the police have responded. Please send reports to These will help us to identify any issues we need to address with A&S Police.

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Resident Parking Schemes

By organising car parking in residential streets, they become much safer for cycling and walking. Fewer parked cars gives better visibility between road users, reduces congestion (as people drive around hunting for a space) and pays for enforcement against anti-social parking.

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Twenty is Plenty. We endorse 20mph on roads where people live, shop and children can play. This can be achieved without adversely affecting journey times for car journeys. The encouragement this gives people to choose active travel has enormous consequences for improved health, well being and air quality for everyone in Bristol.

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Road Justice

We have set up the Bristol Road Justice Group which has regular meetings with Avon and Somerset Police to improve policing practice in relation to cycling and to the lethal danger that comes, not from cycling, but from motor vehicles and the behaviour by a few of those currently licensed to drive them. Streets are […]

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Whether we call it “Dutch” or “Bristol Fashion” infrastructure should be always constructed to appropriate quality standards and agreed principles. National standards should be set by the DfT and based on the best advice of European cities,. While we wait for the DfT Bristol should work to the best practice it can document from elsewhere […]

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