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20mph saves emissions, energy AND lives

The 20mph debate rages on in Bristol, with murmurings of potential reversal, Bristol Cycle Campaign want to shed some facts on an important aspect – Energy and Emissions. We’ve even got a handy infographic. One controversial argument often heard is that a vehicle travelling at 20mph has higher fuel consumption and emissions than at 30mph. […]

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We say “20mph is Good for Bristol” at council debate


Following the success of the “Keep and extend 20mph limits” petition with over 4,000 signatures, there was a full council debate on March 15th. We put in a written submission in support BCyC Statement March2016 Keeping and extending Bristol 20mph Areas. There was ‘shock and awe’ when the Bristol Post came out in support as […]

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20’s Plenty petition success

We’ve done it! Over 4,000 people have signed the petition supporting 20mph, which closes on Sunday 31st January 2016. Congratulations to the hard work of our team of 20’s Plenty campaigners and supporters.  It was important that there was strong response to balance a petition last year that wanted the limits abolished. The fact is […]

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Text of online debate on 20mph in Bristol

There was an ‘live tweetchat’ about Bristol 20mph on 19th January. This was initiated by Hannah Taylor, Bristol Council Community Engagement Officer for “Bristol’s Better at 20“. Catch up on the conversation below. Some interesting points and involvement from Brake, Sustrans, 20’s Plenty For Us, Living Streets and health professionals from UWE and public health. It’s […]

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Bristol Health Partners back 20

Dr Suzanne Audrey, co-director of the Supporting Healthy Inclusive Neighbourhood Environments Health Integration Team (SHINE HIT), is encouraging everyone to get behind the petition in favour of keeping and extending 20mph speed limits in Bristol. – See more here.

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Speed awareness courses for 20mph

News comes through that there are now speed awareness courses for those caught speeding in 20mph areas. Drivers speeding between 24 and 31mph can now be required to attend the 4 hour 20mph Speed Awareness Courses at 8 venues across Avon and Somerset, South Wales, North Wales and Gwent Police Authorities. This follows the adoption by […]

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20mph – Keep up the Pressure

How are you finding 20mph? Has cycling utopia arrived on the 20mph streets you ride along? Are you finding motor traffic running slower? Or are you finding the new limits are being completely ignored by everyone? As the 20mph areas are widened out further and if we want to make our streets more pleasant and […]

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