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Making Bristol better for cycling

A Modest Proposal #6; Eight to Eighty cycling on Gloucester Road

Did you know that Gloucester Road was one of Bristol’s busiest cycle routes? What’s more, the number of people cycling has doubled in the last ten years whereas motor vehicle numbers have dropped by a fifth. These facts can be seen from Department for Transport Traffic Counts. So what does this tell us? Bristol’s Cycling […]

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South Bristol Link Road – May 2016 update

We are pleased that things are moving on the final detailed stage of designing the cycleway that will run alongside the new South Bristol Link Road. This has been a long running issue that we’ve worked on for many years. Overall the new road will cause more problems for Bristol and for cycling than it […]

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A Modest Proposal #5: The Bear Pit / St James Barton Roundabout

 St James Barton roundabout remains among the worst in Bristol for cyclists. This is despite the sterling work of The Bearpit Improvement Group and the recently completed £1million scheme to provde a route around the inner edge of the roundabout at street level for pedestrians and cyclists. We hope this already outdated scheme will be the last time huge budgets will […]

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Southville Bridge abandoned – what’s next?

One of the more iconic cycling schemes in the city has been abandoned (here and here). The Southville Bridge was approved in 2014 and would have linked Camden Road and through to North Street in Bedminster to the Harbourside. It remains an important part of the Greater Bedminster neighbourhood cycling plan. Costs had escalated alarmingly so Mayor George Ferguson pulled […]

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Ashton Court missing link

The Festival Way is one of the popular routes created as part of the Cycling City programme between 2008-2011. Much time was spent on trying to link up this route with Long Ashton, Backwell and Nailsea but there remains an awkward missing link around Ashton Park school, UWE Bower Ashton campus, and Ashton Court Park. […]

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A Modest Proposal #4: Clanage Road Roundabout and the Festival Way

If you want to scare yourself rigid, pop along to Clanage Road roundabout on any weekday in term time at 3.15pm. That’s the time that 1,500 kids pour out of Ashton Park School and onto the fast busy roundabout on the A369. This is a key hub on the F11 Inner Orbital Cycling Freeway in the BCyC strategic cycle […]

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Access to Long Ashton and Barrow Hospital development

The old Barrow Hospital site is being redeveloped. There is a real risk that increased traffic will create further problems on the popular cycling route south of Long Ashton. This is also a good opportunity to improve things by opening up a new shared path to link in to Long Ashton. Car commuting to Bristol […]

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How are the £19m Cycle City Ambition Grant projects are going?

Well, although there have been fairly regular meetings with project officers for some schemes, overall we don’t know much. We’ve only been shown the bid documents and some work in progress designs which are purposefully vague so that the council can change the plans according to pressure. We are sceptical of the quiet routes. As […]

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Simultaneous green junctions in Bristol, why, how and where

As our local councils are finalising their plans for the second round of Cycling Ambition Fund, we’ve been pushing for inspirational examples of some of the infrastructure we saw during the BCyC Study Tour last year. We are keen to do something new for both Bristol and the UK: a simultaneous green junction. If built […]

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Infrastructure Safaris

Over the years the Bristol Cycling Campaign has developed a set of routes that help understand why Bristol tops the list of bike-friendly cities in the UK (not a high bar then). These are short routes that can be covered in 2 hours at a pinch (if there’s not too much talking and questions!) so […]

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