Making Bristol better for cycling

Space for Cycling Big Ride – join our fun ride with a serious message on Saturday 17 May 2014

Please join the Bristol Cycling Campaign on Saturday 17 May 2014 for the ‘Space for Cycling‘ Big Ride, which is a fun ride with a serious message, telling politicians we want streets that are safe and inviting for everyone to cycle. Our event starts by Temple Meads, with people gathering from 11:30am for a midday start, and from 1pm there’ll be a short rally outside City Hall. We’ll be finished before 2pm. Signup for the ride here. Enjoy being the first to ride along the new protected route along Clarence…

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Challenge to Council to create space for cycling

People who want to enable everyone in Bristol, aged 8-80, to have the Freedom to Ride are calling on their ward Councillors to create ‘Space for Cycling’ as part of a national campaign to create the conditions where anyone can cycle for any local journey. Bristol Cycling Campaign (BCyC) is taking part in a national campaign which enables people to contact their local councillors, urging them to support the provision of space for cycling and to find the funding needed to make this happen. The campaign is co-ordinated by CTC, the national cycling charity, and Cyclenation, the federation of cycling campaigns. They can do this via an online campaign tool at They can also upload examples of good cycle provision and locations where Space for Cycling improvements are needed, with photos and descriptions. CTC President Jon Snow, the Channel 4 News presenter has backed the campaign in an online video. He said:

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Space for Cycling – the 6 main asks


Protected Space on Main Roads and at Junctions

People often need to cycle along main roads: because that’s where shops and workplaces are, or because they are the most direct routes. Currently, most main roads make cyclists mix with heavy and/or fast moving motor traffic, which most people find scary. Dedicated space for cycling on main roads and at junctions gives people of all ages and abilities access to the whole road network by bicycle. It can benefit local communities and economies, helping more people get to shopping parades and other facilities without having to drive. You could ask candidates to support installing dedicated infrastructure on a local main road, or to support the upgrade of currently inadequate or incomplete provision.



Cycle-friendly Town Centres

Many of our high streets and town centres have become run down, congested traffic arteries. As the internet transforms our shopping habits, town centres have suffered – but they can be revitalised. They need to be places where people want to spend time, meet friends, enjoy social activity and access a variety of services. To build liveable town centres, we need to prioritise people over motor traffic, creating spaces that can be enjoyed by the local community and easily accessed by walking and cycling. This can create lively, pleasant places that are economically viable and socially vibrant.

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Manifesto petition reaches target!

  Our Freedom to Ride manifesto campaign, to make cycling more comfortable and safe for everyone in Bristol has now passed 3,500 signatures. This gives us enough support for a Full Council debate. Thanks to everybody who has signed already, but please keep asking everyone you know to sign so that we can show just how much suport there is for making Bristol a cycle friendly city. We’re getting media coverage from the cycle-friendly (!) Bristol Post, Bristol Culture, etc Find out more…   Join our discussion group like our …

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Manifesto Promotion

Wednesday 2nd Oct 2013 – 8 till 9am, Cascade Steps, The Centre, St. Augustine’s Parade Come and join us to spread the word about our Freedom to Ride campaign. Meet a few minutes before 8 to collect some flyers to hand out, or a placard to wave, and don a yellow T-shirt (as available). This will be our 4th such promotion. The previous 3 have gone very well, giving out flyers and leaflets to interested people (not just “cyclists”!). We’ve given out between 350 and 500 leaflets each time and had about 25% of those signing up whithin 24 hours.

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Top Tube map launched

As part of the Freedom to Ride: Bristol Cycling Manifesto we have produced a dramatic graphic to show how our strategic cycling network will reach into every area of Bristol. It will allow truly connected and comfortable movement around the city by bike. We are working hard to get the councils in the area to commit to delivering this over the next 12 years. You can see details of the proposed routes here  …

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Bristol Cycling Summit 2013 – Towards a Bristol Cycling Strategy

For two and a half years Bristol was officially the Cycling City – how do we keep the momentum going? Everyone admires our lively cycling culture, but it is in some ways marginal – what are the practicalities of a strategy that will fill the whole city with people on bikes? How do our cycling ambitions fit in with public transport? And what about the vexed business of residents parking? Bristol has won the honour of being the 2015 European Green Capital – we are sure we can rise to the challenge, but what are the nuts and bolts? The…

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Bristol Cycling Summit considers the Manifesto

On Wednesday 17 July 2013 we hosted the Bristol Cycling Summit at Armada House. Mayor George Ferguson updated us with his plans for cycling in Bristol and we had key speakers who talked about why cycling is important for Bristol, including the new Strategic Director of Public of Health, Janet Maxwell and the Manager of Bristol Green Capital, Darren Hall. Read article here. We’re calling for investment of £109 million over 12 years to quadruple cycling. The campaign has four elements: * A strategy for cycling – what needs doing and why * A map of the network of…

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Bristol Cycling Manifesto launched

Cycling in Bristol is quick, cheap and pollution-free – why don’t more people do it? Shifting from cars to bikes cuts congestion and improves people’s health – why is investment so low? Leading European cities make it easy to cycle – where is the cycling network for Bristol? “Cycling already benefits everyone in Bristol with thousands of people out on bikes every day, more than in any other large UK city”, said Martin Tweddell, Chair of Bristol Cycling Campaign. “Tens of thousands more would like to join them, if they felt confident that it was safe and easy”. The Bristol Cycling Manifesto is affordable and can…

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Bristol Cycling Manifesto

Bristol Cycling Campaign is working on a Cycling Manifesto for Greater Bristol [Final version is here]. It will be officially launched in our Spring Magazine but we’re publishing this draft version so you can help us improve it. We also want you to help plan how to make it work for us all. At four pages it’s concise, inspirational and easy to understand. We want this to be a huge call to action to all our communities, schools, businesses, local authorities, and for the Bristol Mayor. The Cycling Manifesto distills the learning from leading European cities, from the Cycling England…

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