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What to do if you are involved in a road traffic collision while cycling

The Bristol Road Justice campaign group of Bristol Cycling is keen to hear from cyclists who have been victims of road incidents (whether injured or not) with regards to how the police have responded. Please send reports to These will help us to identify any issues we need to address with A&S Police.

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Useful Information for Neighbourhood Campaigns

We have a page about our local campaigning in each of the neighbourhoods of Bristol. There are pages for South GloucestershireNorth Somerset and Bath & North East Somerset. Every area will find the following resources full of useful information.

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Pot Holes and Other Defects

During the winter months, Bristol’s streets can take a real hammering. What were once small cracks and crevices in the tarmac turn into wheel-busting, possibly bone-busting craters.

Of course any time of year is good for reporting any dangerous road defect and the best place to do this is via Fill That Hole. The website has a link to an easy to use app for both Android and iPhone. It’s not only very efficient but gives feedback and spits out statistics on how well local authorities are doing. Bristol is pretty good at fixing these quickly – but it still needs you to do your bit…

For other street defects Bristol has an easy to use site here and South Gloucestershire has one here. For an overview there’s this page on

If you’ve wondered which roads get gritted, and what happens on the Bristol Bath Railway Path, read this.

How to Wear a Helmet Properly

1. Put it on your head flat, so it will also protect your face
2. Tighten it at the back so it won’t move.
3. Adjust the two straps to position the sliders just below your ears.
4. Adjust the length of the strap so that when it’s done up you can only get two fingers between it and your chin.

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On-Street Bike Pumps

You may have seen these weird looking objects around Bristol and wondered what they are for, but the ‘Bikes’ sign next to them is a clue… These on-street cycle pumps are available 24/7 – so no excuse for flat tyres now or having to walk your bike home. A real bit of positive cycle promotion from Bristol City Council.

More info on Better By Bike.

Locations of the pumps – hover over or click on the flags to reveal the address:

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Other blogs


Beyond the Kerb

Trying to make sense of where the wheeled things live

The Guardian Bike Blog

As the title says

Rachel Aldred

Set up this site to bring together her various academic/research/policy interests, and to continue blogging



Bristol blogs & groups

  • Women Cyclists of Bristol This is a popular and active Facebook group, with a Twitter feed @WomenCycleBrist and contact email.
  • Sam Saunders Bristol A bit of writing about education, music and things connected with cycling
  • Wheels on the Bike Helmet camera cyclist in Bristol
  • Bristol Traffic Getting round Bristol, and the consequences of those decisions
  • Roll for the Soul All that’s occurring at Bristol’s community bike cafe
  • Stolen Bristol Bikes Reporting bike theft, crime prevention news and more in the Bristol area. Whizzy website with different viewing options – RSS feed and other follow options come out of tab on right.
  • The Bristol Bike Project Bike recycling, workshop facilities & training, bike hire – you name, they do it – and all in a good cause
  • Better By Bike Bristol City Council website for all about cycling – not very well maintained
  • Green Bristol Blog A fitting legacy to Chris Hutt – a great campaigner and cycling advocate – his blog lives on with loads of useful comment and ideas that are still relevant
  • Bristol By Cyclist A series of portraits documenting Britain’s Cycling City
  • Essential Evidence Key evidence from peer-reviewed literature compiled by Dr Adrian Davis to influence the work of projects in Bristol including Cycling City and the Local Sustainable Transport Fund
  • Brizzle Born & Bred Historical photos of cycling in Bristol
  • John Grimshaw talks about Cyclebag, the forebear of BCyC, at the 2012 Bristol Cycle Festival
  • Le Sportif Riding, bikes, food, athletic endeavour and everything else…

Cycle Shops and related services

Here is our list of cycle shops, mobile mechanics and cycling related services, such as cycle fitting, in the Bristol area. Some of these businesses offer discount to our members and are listed on our joining page.

The list is not comprehensive and it might be useful to add other service eg cycle training, workshops, couriers – if you know of any other businessses that it would be useful to add please let us know.

We cannot offer guidance on the quality of any of these businesses and accept no liability should you have any problems with them.

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Bike Security

– Register your bike with free of charge on the police approved

– Insure your bike with your home contents – but check for special conditions

– Replace quick release levers with security skewers – more difficult to remove

– Use a good quality D-lock with a straight key – only use cables to supplement

– Lock your bike in a well lit and busy area – vary where you lock it

– Check what you are locking to is secure and hasn’t been tampered with

– Lock the wheels and the frame – make it difficult for them

– Keep your lock off the ground – otherwise it will give purchase to hammering and cutting tools

– Face the keyhole to the ground – making it more difficult to pick

If your bike is unfortunately stolen then it’s worth reporting it on the Stolen Bristol Bikes site which has some good advice too. Also check with the list of reputable bike shops in Bristol selling second hand bikes.  It would be worth contacting them with details of your bike so they can keep an eye out should someone try to sell it to them.  It’s also worth doing a trawl of e-bay and gumtree to see if it pops up there.

Recovering your stolen bike

Theft prevention

Searching for your stolen bike

Buying a 2nd Hand Bike


Buying a secondhand bike can be risky if you don’t know the person you’re buying from.  The Better By Bike website has some good advice on choosing a bike, including a list of shops who refurbish and sell secondhand bikes.  Buying from a shop is a better guarantee that the bike has not been stolen, though it’s always worth asking if they have original receipts and have checked with the police register.

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