Cycling news from Bristol and beyond

Cycling Campaign and coronavirus

While all face-to-face Campaign meetings are postponed until further notice you can still get involved in our Forums, Twitter, Facebook or simply just contact us. We are looking into hosting online meetings (such as Skype or Zoom) – let us know if you are interested. For most people cycling will continue to be the healthiest way to get about. There’s some helpful info at but if you’re ill you’re not going anywhere fast – get well soon!…

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Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan Consultation

The West of England Combined Authority (WECA) – remember them, Metro Mayor, Tim Bowles? – have shown scant interest in active travel. But they have now put out a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for a consultation which closed on 15 March 2020. This is important as the LCWIP is the only game in town for cycling improvements in Bristol and the surrounding area. It’s a mixed bag – quite a few protected cycleways proposed, but many shared paths etc. Also lots of “explore” this and “consider” that; very tentative. We expected this plan to set…

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Public Transport (and cycling!) Not Road Building in the West of England – please sign this petition

The Joint Local Transport Plan for the West of England contains plans for 10 new roads and 5 big road-widening schemes. These plans will damage the countryside, increase traffic, pollution and carbon emissions, when WECA and all four authorities have declared climate emergencies. There is some provision for public transport, and a token nod to cycling and walking, but the vast bulk of the plan and the budget is on more roads and traffic. Please sign and share this petition Public Transport Not Road Building The JLTP includes the current version…

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Do you care about our air?

Clean Air for Bristol are asking drivers to turn their engines off when stopped to help improve air quality. As we who cycle already know, leaving a vehicle’s engine on when stopped, or idling, causes air pollution which is especially bad for children and is avoidable. If you have to drive and are stopped for a minute or more, think about the air we all breathe and switch off your engine. Clean Air for Bristol are looking for volunteers to help spread this message to drivers around idling hotspots across the city. Find out more and sign up to receive free…

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A Bristol Cycling podcast: Old Market Roundabout

The first podcast in an occasional series. This one is very short and to the point! When we heard that there was development at Old Market we asked Bristol City Council for a Dutch-style roundabout. We knew it was a big ask – it was probably too ambitious, this time – but what opened today is an improvement on what was there before. We just have to keep on asking… The traffic was particularly loud today, apologies for the sound quality in parts.

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Thank you!

Last night we held a brisk AGM – with little need for debate – before moving on to our main event. We enjoyed an inspiring presentation from Simon Munk of London Cycle Campaign. He is widely regarded as an expert on cycling infrastructure and he had spent the day touring Bristol’s cycle routes. A lively Question and Answer session followed and the discussions continued after we left. A fuller post will appear soon but in the meantime we want to thank everyone who made the evening such a success – Simon, BCyC activists, our less…

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