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Review & Reports for AGM

Fans of BCyC and all its many doings will be aware that Simon Munk, perhaps the UK’s top cycle campaigner, from the London Cycling Campaign is talking to us at 6pm on Wednesday 26 November 2019 (full details). He was an instrumental campaigner in getting the gold standard Waltham Forest mini Holland or Liveable Neighbourhood. […]

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Space for Cycling autumn update

Cycle track at Old Market roundabout, Bristol, UK

Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) Over the last 18 months officers at WECA, Bristol City Council, BANES, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset have been developing the new Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure plan for the West of England sub-region. Bristol Cycling Campaign has been involved throughout the process and has had regular updates […]

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Annual General Meeting and Talk by Simon Munk (London Cycling Campaign) 26 November


Cycle Campaigning: lessons from London and the Waltham Forest Mini-Holland Open to all – come and tell us about your experience of cycling in Bristol.  Nationally renowned cycle campaigner and the London Cycle Campaign’s expert on cycling infrastructure, Simon Munk will give a presentation on promoting change in London, working directly with City Hall, and […]

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A Modest Proposal #8: Jamaica St cycleway

Every cyclist in Bristol will have their own strategy for coping with the James Barton roundabout, one of the worst in Bristol and the subject of our Modest Proposal #5: The Bear Pit / St James Barton Roundabout. Particularly as the Gloucester Road is one of the busiest cycling routes in the city, with its own […]

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What happens when you send your close pass video to police

The Road Justice work of BCyC is primarily about holding ASP to account to provide reasonable responses to cyclists who take the time to submit dashcam evidence of dangerous driving and near misses. Telling people the outcome of their camera submissions encourages cyclists to provide the information, they feel the trouble is worthwhile if something […]

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‘Juicy’ Bristol Cycle Forum on Oct 24 2019

We’re looking forward to the October Cycle Forum, facilitated by Bristol Council. All the items are really central to what Bristol Cycling Campaign is all about. There is sure to be a strong turnout from members and supporters (but not all 3,000 of you!). If you’ve not yet been to a Bristol Cycle Forum then […]

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What relevance does this weekend’s Marathon World Record attempt have for UK cycle infrastructure?

Tomorrow morning (12th October 2019) between 5am and 9am Eliud Kipchoge will attempt to break his marathon world record on a circuit in the famous Prater Park in Vienna. The course he will run is widely used in Vienna for recreation, particularly running races, but also as a main cycling throughfare. Its main attraction, is […]

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If you have a few minutes…

Six reasons to cycle to work

‘All women on bikes in Bristol welcome to help @BristolCycling to improve cycling infrastructure – you don’t even need to come to meetings to do it’ (Twitter, 10 October 2019) That was the tweet and she’s right. Except, of course, that everyone is welcome at our meetings and everyone is welcome to get involved in […]

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#BWCyclingCharter – What? Why?

Bristol Women's Cycling Charter

Bristol Cycling Campaign were delighted to be at the launch of the Bristol Women’s Cycling Charter. LifeCycle Chief Executive, Poppy Brett has brought together women from various groups all over the city and today was the culmination of all that work. There have been comments on social media, asking ‘why should women be considered a […]

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The Portway shared path is not a lorry park

Today, yet again, someone parked illegally on the Portway walking and cycling path. This time they blocked it – look at how much space this lorry took up! Someone coming the other way told me they’d asked him to move because it wouldn’t safe to squeeze through the narrow gap. He had refused even though […]

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Bristol Cycling Infographics

Here at Bristol Cycling, we love an infographic. Recently we have had a lot of emails from people asking if they can use the infographics we have produced. The short answer is an overwhelming YES! The only reason we put these together is so they will be shared. We don’t make any money from advertising, […]

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The Bristol Women’s Cycling Charter

The Bristol Women's Cycling Charter launch event 2019

LifeCycle have announced the launch of their Bristol Women’s Cycling Charter on Thursday, 10 October, from 16:00 to 17:30 at TLT LLP, One Redcliff Street, Bristol BS1 6TP. LifeCycle say: Regular cycling is a ticket to independence, reduced stress levels and better health. But women are half as likely to enjoy the benefits of cycling […]

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Reporting illegal and obstructive car parking

There was a real spate of this following new cycle routes in the centre when car (and lorry) drivers treated it as parking. What worked there was repeated reporting of each vehicle to Bristol Council parking services using the online form at Twitter can also be very successful, if you have an account and […]

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Climate Strike Critical Mass ride – Fri 20th Sept 6pm

Whenever you or anyone else gets on a bike, you become part of the solution. Even if we’re just nipping to the shops or getting to work quickly. Sometimes it’s great to join with others as part of the change. That’s why Bristol Cycling Campaign has thousands of supporters, and why we support the monthly […]

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Bristol Cycling Clean Air Zone (CAZ) Consultation Response

The Clean Air Zone (CAZ) consultation closes on Monday the 12th August. Bristol Cycling welcomes any measures that might help restrict vehicle usage in Bristol and reduce roadside pollution concentrations. However, we are concerned the expected reductions in NO2 are small would not reach compliance for another decade. It is also concerning that CO2 emissions […]

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