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South Bristol Link Road and Festival Way – the missing link

There’s a very pleasant loop now available taking you from the centre out along the Festival Way, to South Bristol Link (SBL), then back along the Malago Greenway. But, there’s a problem. A missing link* (map). At the northern (Long Ashton) end of the SBL, the cycle path is unfinished. The link to the Festival […]

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Bike sharing scheme YoBike launching in Bristol

A new hire bike scheme is starting shortly in Bristol based on a ‘dockless’ model that’s been wildly successful in Asia. There’s a media photocall at 12.00pm on Tuesday, 9 May in Millennium Square where nine YoBikes will be available to trial and photograph, ahead of the delivery of 300 of the bikes across Bristol the same week.  […]

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Our chance to influence – Bristol quality of life survey

Bristol City Council is running its annual Quality of Neighbourhood Life survey: Question 55 asks for actions and changes which would improve people’s local quality of life. This is our chance to mention transport: the benefits of 20mph and more protected cycle routes accessible for everyone. Last year the citizens’ priorities section on transport […]

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Cycling and the Justice System – report from parliamentary inquiry

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group has now published their report Cycling and the Justice System, following five evidence sessions earlier this year. There’s a news article about here and you can read the Bristol Cycling submission here.  We’re pleased that our submission points are fully covered in the report. The report mades 14 recommendations: * The Highway Code should […]

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Vote Bike! What the Metro Mayor candidates say

 Tim Bowles (Conservative) is our new West of England Regional Mayor (results). We look forward to working with him to enable everyday cycling, for everyone, everywhere in our region. What will the West of England Metro Mayor do for cycling? Given the level of excitement it’s possible turnout will be low – meaning that those who […]

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Partial Win for Our Prince Street Bridge Campaign? [Updated with photos]

  The covers are off and we can now see what the renovated bridge will be like when it opens in the next few weeks. Note that the southbound lane has the same narrow pavement as before. Northbound now has a cycleway and a footway, with a very slight height difference. It’s not clear if […]

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Britain’s forgotten 1930s protected cycleways

Cycle lane in Dorking, 1930s

Did you know that in the 1930s, the Ministry of Transport commissioned the building of protected cycleways? We’ve heard about an exciting Kickstarter project from Carlton Reid and John Dales. Ultimately they want to revive Britain’s long-lost 1930s cycleways. These lanes cover 280 miles of safe cycling space but currently they are hidden from sight. […]

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Progress with the Police on near misses and recording injuries

Last year the Road Justice Group met with the Police and Crime Commissioner, Sue Mountstevens, and Avon & Somerset’s Head of Road Safety, Chief Inspector Kevan Rowlands, to discuss our concerns as to road law enforcement. We’ve followed-up on a number of those issues.

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Cycling Manifesto for the Metro Mayor

On 4th May 2017 we will be electing the first ‘Metro Mayor’ of the West of England Combined Authority. They will have powers to really get serious about making cycling an option for everyone, to clean up the region’s air, to reduce journey time, and to get people active. Bristol Cycling, working with Cycle Bath and Cycling […]

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Brean Down Way and April work camp

We’re pleased that progress is being made on the Brean Cross link, connecting Weston to Brean Down. The project is being pushed through by John Grimshaw and he’s been in touch to ask if BCyC supporters might like to join the 2nd work camp to finish off the work.  Work camps and parties like this are […]

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Research on driverless vehicles – how will they affect cycling?

We’ve been asked to share a survey from the Centre for Transport and Society at UWE about public attitudes to driverless vehicles. Researcher Dr Miriam Ricci (@RicciMiriam) wants to ensure that the cyclist’s perspective is represented in focus groups.  She says: “Please help us find people from all walks of life to take part in informal discussions (‘focus groups’) on driverless vehicles. […]

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Bristol Cycling present Prince St Bridge petition to City Council

Today Bristol Cycling presented the petition, signed by 585 individuals, calling on Bristol Council to make Prince St. Bridge a walking and cycling bridge. Given just a minute to speak, we highlighted the benefits of cycling and walking in the city and the need to escape the congestion and air pollution caused by motor traffic. […]

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Bristol Cycling secure commitment to “Close Pass” initiative from Avon & Somerset Police

Campaigning from Bristol Cycling’s Road Justice team has resulted in a commitment from Avon & Somerset Police Chief Inspector Kevan Rowlands to implement a “Close Pass” operation. This is a key commitment in protecting people riding bikes from poor driving. Fear of the dangers of cycling on the road with cars is one of the biggest […]

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Congratulations to Lifecycle UK for Bike Back award

We’re delighted that our friends at the very wonderful Lifecycle have won (another) award. It’s for their Bike Back project, which offers up to eight offenders at a time the chance to learn bike maintenance and mechanical skills. Winning the award is a chance to tell everyone about the great work they are doing, and the […]

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South Glos Cycle Forum at UWE on 14th March 2017

Do please make an effort to attend the South Gloucestershire Cycle Forum if you can. It’s important that there is representation from a wide range of people and groups. Those choosing to cycle in South Glos can often feel like poor relations in one of the most congested and car dominated areas of the city. […]

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