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Potholes – is there a crisis?

Potholes are in the news with one in five local roads in poor condition as councils face funding deficit. How are we doing in Greater Bristol? In general this is one area where Bristol Council has performed well with most road defects fixed within 10 days of reporting. Our Useful Information page includes links for reporting […]

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Where is WECA’s vision for cycling?

Since the elections for the ‘Metro Mayor’ in 2017 and the setting up of the West of England Combined Authority (WECA), Bristol Cycling has been working with our friends at Cycle Bath on a Cycling Manifesto for the region. We’ve been asking for the same level of commitment from Mayor Tim Bowles, and his Transport supremo, James […]

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Cycling vs the Electric Car

Electric vehicles have received a lot of press over the past few months. This furore has even led some to suggest that EVs are more efficient than food powered humans riding bicycles. So we at Bristol Cycling have put together an unapologetically technical article in an attempt to shed some light on this.

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Go Careful in the Snow

As the Arctic comes to Bristol it’s worth reminding ourselves that the snow does not always have to stop us from cycling. There are things we can do to make it possible to keep riding, though of course greater care is needed in these conditions. Following are articles from our sister London Cycling Campaign, The Guardian […]

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A saddlebag full of early Spring rides for March

We launch the new season with a public spirited foray into litter infested terrain to bring a bit of TLC to our much loved local cycling infrastructure under the council run Great Bristol Spring Clean. Meandering lanes and quiet cyclepaths take us through the flood plain of Severnvale and on to wonderful estuary views at […]

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20mph in Bristol saves more than 4 lives a year

Photo at courtesy of @Bristol20mph

One of those lives saved could have been yours or a loved ones. We’ve campaigned for 20mph to be the default speed limit in Bristol for nearly 30 years and we welcome this report from UWE which also found an estimated cost saving of over £15m per year from the avoidance of fatal, serious and slight […]

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Bristol Cycle Forum on 15th Feb 2018

The first Bristol Cycle Forum of the year is taking place on Thursday 15 February 6pm-8pm at City Hall. Just ask at reception for room details. The Forum lets us hear directly from council leaders and officers about what’s going on. Agenda Introductions Meeting Minutes and Actions Chair/Vice Election Terms of Reference Review, BCC Review of forum […]

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BBC: Why are so few motorists who injure cyclists ever prosecuted?

UPDATE: The programme is available on BBC iPlayer until mid March 2018.

BBC’s “Inside Out West” programme on Monday evening will be addressing the question of why so few motorists who injure cyclists are ever prosecuted.

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Cycling Casualties and Police Enforcement Action

Bristol Road Justice has been in contact with Avon and Somerset Police as to the action they are taking with regard to enforcement action against dangerous drivers. Headline facts In 2016 police recorded that 285 cyclists were injured in road traffic collisions (ten year average 262). In 26 cases the injuries were recorded as “serious”. […]

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Cycling hospital admissions in 2016

Bristol Cycling regularly requests data from local hospitals on the number of admissions by transport mode. Below is an infographic breaking down the collisions that resulted in cyclists being admitted to hospital in 2016. Take away messages might be: Take care to avoid leaves, curbs, potholes and, especially, ice Avoid cars (Space for Cycling anyone?)

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Survey ignores e-bikes for West of England – have your say

It’s no surprise to find that by far the most popular and fastest growing electric vehicle in the West of England, and globally, is ignored in a just launched survey. E-Bikes are already everywhere, whizzing up hills and making longer trips more possible. There’s a huge flowering of creativity about carrying cargo and kids. The […]

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Brislington Greenway Public Meeting

A number of BCyC members attended a public meeting on Tuesday 30 January 2018 to promote the Brislington Greenway. This is the old Brislington Railway line, which runs from Sainsburys on Whitby Road to Tesco on Callington Road (see Railway path, not relief road and Old Brislington Railway – Relief Road or Green Haven?). Local residents think it […]

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Petition to require Black Box Car Insurance for those with points on their licence

Our good friends at Cycle Bath have come up with another transforming idea to make our roads safer. This seems sensible, proportionate and well targeted. Please read, sign and share this UK Government petition Require any driver with points on their licence to have Black Box Car Insurance – Petitions Here’s the text of the petition: […]

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A feast of friendly mini-rides for February

As we edge slowly into the longer days we hasten the end of winter with a merry mix of short rides. We start with a regular favourite by heading off to nearby Portishead, with its modern marina and Edwardian townscape. From a north Bristol start point we track down some of South Gloucestershire’s less frequented […]

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A 1000 likes

We’ve just had our thousandth ‘like’ on Facebook and would like to take this opportunity to give a thousand thanks to all our followers for your support and interest, whether you come to us via Facebook, Twitter, the website or directly attend our rides and meetings. Thanks to Steve Cox for the 1000th ‘like’. (If […]

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