Cycling news from Bristol and beyond

Conference Time in Leeds

This weekend, 3 of us trekked up to Leeds for the Cycle City Leeds Conference and the Space for Cycling Campaigner Workshop.

We only caught the tail end of the Cycle City conference, but several Bristol City Council Officers were there and giving well received presentations (we heard from non Bristol sources!) – so we expect to get more feedback from them – maybe at the next Bristol Cycling Forum (May 15th , apologies, page is a meeting behind!)?

One thing that caught our eye was the Lambeth resident parking scheme – this one’s for bikes! This allows 12 bikes to be parked in the space of a single car. The rental charge is due to come down and be based on 1/12th the cost of parking a car. Maybe Bristol could build this into our Residents Parking rollout – petitiion your Councillor if your ward is yet to be implented.

The  Space for Cycling Campaigning Workshop was all about Campaign Groups working with CTC and Lodon Cycling Campaign to roll the London campaign out nationally. Several groups have already been working on this for a while, via Cyclenation, and independent groups, with the other organisations and it’s now time to widen this out.

Space for Cycling rides are being scheduled for May 17 – there may be one in Bristol.

These events were used as launch pads for Cycelnation’s “Making Space for  Cycling” aimed at planning and development people and CTC’s “Space for Cycling” aimed at decision makers. By a happy coincidence (?) Sustrans also launched The National Cycle Network – Guidelines and Practical Details issue 2 (think that is the right link).

There are some differences between these documents but they generally complement and reinforce one another, but with different audiences/ timescales.

We intend to add more info about these events and the impacts – but it’s all good news and positive steps – and we haven’t even mentioned the statements from central government on changes to recommendations re cycling infrastructure standards – eg cycling-specific signals, ASL’s, cycle zebras (alongside pedestrian zebras), etc.

Stay tuned!