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Council calls for halt to 20mph speed limits

Conservative and Labour councillors in Bristol have voted to call on the mayor to stop his roll-out of 20mph speed limits on roads across the city. Here and here.

However Mayor George Ferguson insisted the roll-out of Bristol’s 20mph zones should continue, saying they “decrease accidents and save lives”.

This is another disturbing example of how local councillors and indeed neighbourhood partnerships fail to stand up for the vulnerable and less vocal in our communities in the face of the powerful forces of the status quo (hello, St Georges NP).

As one comment on a news report put it, “spineless councillors have now got cold feet and given in to the insistent whining of the city’s petrolheads“. Credit to the Lib Dems and Greens for voting against (especially the LDs who have been very poor on the similarly important RPS).

Bristol Cycling Campaign has been calling for city wide 20mph areas since 1991 when it was one of our first campaign objectives.  Over that time the evidence has become much stronger that ’20’s Plenty where people live, work and play’. Our Bristol Cycling Manifesto states that 20mph is at the centre of creating Cycling Neighbourhoods and must be backed up by measures that remove through motor traffic.

The campaign continues nationally with 20mph speed limits being one of the six ways of creating Space For Cycling

The Mayor is doing the right thing for Bristol in pushing through this basic measure that will make all our neighbourhoods safer, more welcoming and better places for everyone.