The next Cycle Sunday event on the Downs is now taking place on Sunday 12 July.  The organisers need volunteer stewards and are looking for people to do a range of things from roaming the route by bike, counting arrivals (think deckchair and flask of coffee) and helping out at the HQ (small gazebo and a flag!) The last event was so positive, with an amazing community atmosphere, so they’re hoping that people involved in cycle campaigning in Bristol would find it a real tonic to help out at the event. Get in touch through the Facebook group or website.

Most importantly, although it seems to the participants to be just a ride in the park, it is actually a very strong demonstration to the Downs Committee – and one that they can’t ignore… The event timing is 9am – 12pm (although the actual road closure will be 8am – 1pm).

Note that you can now register your interest for the next Cycle Sunday on 12th July.

You might enjoy the film of the first event: 

Please email them on Their website is:, or take a look at their Facebook group or follow them on twitter: @cyclesunday