When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Scientific American, 1896

Would you like to discover a little of Bristol’s colourful past, or learn of its longer term future, from its parks and greenways to buildings and public artworks? Or are you passionate about campaigning, and want to explore new routes and infrastructure debating topics on the way like ‘a car-free City Centre’ and ‘20’s Plenty’? Do you want to shed those calories, shape-up and get a healthy modern lifestyle? Or do you crave the sociability of like-minded souls, and empathise with the adrenalin surge that cycling can give you?

See Diary page for future rides

BCyC rides are open to all types of cyclist, young and old, athletic or disabled, from slow urbanites to fast racers. We are sociable folk, and always welcome new members and old faces alike. We often run shorter Rides under our Discover Bristol theme that are gentle paced so that the whole family can enjoy exploring our fair City.

Join our Rides, and be a part of Bristol’s dynamic and fast-growing cycling culture! See our Diary page for a full listing of all of our rides, meetings and other events. Most rides start from outside the Arnolifini on the Pero’s Bridge side, but check details of each ride. There’s also contact details for the ride leader for any questions you may have. Click here for a map of all the main staring points.

Recent posts about rides (click for full list)

  • War memorials ride notes

    War memorials ride notes

    For those of you who enjoyed our recent Remembrance Day ride, and for anyone who would like to do this ride for themselves, please find a copy of the original notes from 2012 here: Memorial Ride 11Nov12

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  • Not long till Cycle Sunday!

    Not long till Cycle Sunday!

    Bristol's family-friendly Cycle Sunday event, which we are supporting, is back on Sunday 16 September, 10am to 2pm. Now in its fourth year, Cycle Sunday attracts up to three thousand participants. Its success has demonstrated the huge amount of interest in the Downs as location for bike riding especially for children, who need plenty of space and a lack of hills to develop cycling skills and stamina. This year the route has been extended to

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  • Picnics, churches and open spaces

    Picnics, churches and open spaces

    Bristol Cycling’s programme of rides this September has been designed to raise the spirits and keep us peddling into the crisp days of Autumn. And of course we’re joining the Carnivelo ride through Ashton Court to join the Cycle Sunday event on the Downs Please check out our What’s on page for more details and any last minute changes and feel free to print out a poster to display in your favourite community noticeboard: Bristol

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  • Cycle Sunday 2018 - 16 September

    Cycle Sunday 2018 - 16 September

    Cycle Sunday is a community led cycling event held on the Clifton Downs. It was started by a group of parents as a way of demonstrating to the Downs Committee the huge interest in opportunities for car-free cycling around the Downs. The events are very popular, with between two and three thousand people attending. The organisers basically close roads on the Downs (this year it will be a longer route including both Circular Road and

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  • Puxton Park ride map - Saturday 22 September 2018

    Puxton Park ride map - Saturday 22 September 2018

    Please click on the link below to download a route map of the Pedalling Picnic ride: Puxton Route Plan-v3

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  • Rides poster opportunity

    Rides poster opportunity

    Our beautifully designed rides poster needs some help! Have you a couple of hours to spare per month for some easy, desk-based homework to help with rides publicity? Want to hone your Word skills? In a few months the rides team will be losing the key input of Penny Partridge who has done a sterling job for several years turning our rides programme into an eye-catching poster using our professionally designed template. We dearly hope

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  • Fresh air and fun

    Fresh air and fun

    July’s rides programme is getting us out into the countryside to escape the din of city life for a few hours. We’re all over the place this month with a gentle jaunt to picnic in Portishead, some slightly more challenging rides that take us Sevenside and others with relaxing gardens as the destination. Please note that a couple of our rides have alternative start points. More details on the diary page. July’s rides poster can

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  • Bristol Cycling gives rolling feedback to Council

    Bristol Cycling gives rolling feedback to Council

    Our Bike Week Space for Cycling ride on Thursday 14 June was a great success and it was a joy to celebrate the latest in cycling infrastructure while giving the Council constructive in-saddle feedback. More pictures on our Facebook page.

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