Cycling news from Bristol and beyond

Highwood Rd (S.Glos) to remain open for cycling!

A short report from one of our S.Glos campaigners after last night’s meeting:

“Well, that was some meeting! About 500 Patchway motorists, half of them in a separate room with only a microphone link, clamouring for Highwood Road to be reopened for private cars.

I made a statement as promised, and we got the outcome we wanted, with all the Tories and most of the Lib Dems voting to make the closure permanent. However their main reason for voting that way was nothing to do with cycling; rather it was concern that the Bus Rapid Transport scheme (whose route will use Highwood Road) might otherwise be jeopardised.”

Great news, but it’s a shame it’s on the back of a BRT scheme that we could well well do without. More info all over the media , eg Bristol Post (may as well give them some support given earlier blog!).