About Us

Working to make cycling so easy, everyone does it

How can I get involved?

BCyC is powered by the energy of volunteers and supporters. You can help in lots of ways. Anyone riding a bike is already helping, by making cycling a normal, everyday activity. Ready for the next step?

  1. Sign up to get our Newsletter
  2. Join as a member
  3. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Repost and like to spread the word
  4. Come along to a Monthly Meetup, or come on a ride. Details on the diary page.
  5. Participate in the public forums
  6. Join one of the action groups. We do ask that those involved in our Action Groups are members of BCyC.

Action Groups

  • Space for Cycling works on physical changes to our roads, neighbourhoods and green space that affect cycling.
  • Communications is about getting the word out and raising the profile of Bristol Cycling.
  • Road Justice is a small group working with the police and council on enforcement, and road danger reduction.
  • 20’s Plenty is for those working on lower speeds.
  • Social & Rides group plans our rides and events.