So, this is the replacement for Andrew Gillingham. The model has served London well and made a really significant change to the way cycling is viewed in the rest of the country as well.  This role is one we have been calling for since our Bristol Cycling Manifesto in 2013, and again in our Space for Cycling Manifesto for the 2016 elections. With a coming ‘metro mayor’ and sustained transport funding across 3 of the 4 local authorities maybe it time to look at this again to drive through the MetroCycle programme (if and when that emerges).

London mayor Sadiq Khan’s office has published the job description for the mayor’s walking and cycling commissioner. The three-day-a-week post will attract a salary of up to £58,000. The postholder will report to deputy mayor for transport Val Shawcross. It will be a fixed term contract, ending in May 2020. The postholder will provide advice […]

Source: Job description for walking & cycling czar – Get Britain Cycling