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Liveable Neighbourhoods for Southville and Bedminster – First Meeting

Our friends at Liveable Neighbourhoods for Bristol are delighted to be hosting their first meeting in Southville and Bedminster.

Liveable Neighbourhoods for Bristol are hosting a virtual meeting on Monday 30th November at 7:30pm for local residents interested in the idea of Liveable Neighbourhoods.

The aim of the meeting will be to update residents on the progress of the campaign so far and to create a working group that can work together to share ideas and start to influence local politicians. If you would like to attend please

There are Facebook groups for each area of Bristol. You can find your group from the Liveable Neighbourhoods for Bristol website. The Southville and Bedminster group is here.

It’s now been four months since the Liveable Neighbourhoods for Bristol campaign launched. They’ve set up two supporters’ meetings, on Tuesday 24th November at 6pm and Friday 27th at 1pm. The meetings are an opportunity, four months since the campaign was launched, to step back, reflect and ask for input and support. All who want to help are welcome. To register please click here: Tuesday 24th, Friday 27th.