Cycling in Bristol is quick, cheap and improves people’s health so why don’t more people do it?

Shifting from cars to bikes cuts congestion and is pollution-free so why is investment so low?

Leading European cities make it easy to cycle so where is the cycling network for Bristol?

Cycling already benefits everyone in Bristol with thousands of people out on bikes every day, more than in any other large UK city”, said Martin Tweddell, Bristol Cycling Campaign. “Tens of thousands more would like to join them, if they felt confident that it was safe and easy”.

The Bristol Cycling Manifesto is affordable and can be delivered in just 12 years. It will offer independence, health and mobility for all of us. Every street can be a cycling street, linked by 200 miles of Cycling Freeways and Quietways.

TopTube map produced for Bristol Cycling Manifesto 2013

We call on the Mayor and local councils to take five actions to make it happen:

  1. Set a target to quadruple cycling to 20% of all trips by 2025, and 30% of those to work
  2. Fix a plan to deliver a comprehensive cycling network by 2025
  3. Commit investment to deliver the plan (£16 per head each year minimum)
  4. Implement the plan through a multi-skilled team for action across all areas
  5. Engage an inspirational Cycling Commissioner to lead the transformation.

We’re calling on everyone who would benefit from more people cycling in Bristol (and that’s everyone, not just those who ride) to support the Bristol Cycling Manifesto. Here’s how you can Get involved.

The Manifesto was launched on 17 June 2013 during the Bristol Cycling Summit at Armada House. The then Mayor George Ferguson updated us with his plans for cycling in Bristol and key speakers talked about why cycling is important for Bristol, including the new Strategic Director of Public of Health, Janet Maxwell and the Manager of Bristol Green Capital, Darren Hall.

We’re calling for investment of £109 million over 12 years to quadruple cycling and for everyone who would benefit from more people cycling in Bristol to support the Bristol Cycling Manifesto.