Making Bristol better for cycling

New way to report ‘near misses’ to the police

Our Road Justice campaign team have been working with the police for some time on trying to get a better outcome for the most vulnerable road users, pedestrians and cyclists. At the moment there are between one and two people injured every week in Bristol on our streets. We believe that a stronger enforcement response to the sources of the danger, based on evidence, is needed. One way of doing this is to gather more information on the ‘near misses’ that make cyclists feel so uncomfortable. Some are careless, others are intimidatory ‘punishment passes’. The police need to know where these are happening, and if possible gather more information on those responsible.

Avon and Somerset police have a new form on their website specifically for reporting near misses. We would like to encourage cyclists to use this, and to report their experiences back to us.

You can of course continue to make use of the CTC Road Justice reporting tool (which used to be called Stop SMIDSY – Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You), but this needs you to register.

This comes against a background where new figures suggest more killer drivers are going unpunished, and where the Near Miss Research Project reports that female cyclists bear the brunt of bad driving.