Making Bristol better for cycling

North Fringe to Hengrove Package MetroBus

North Fringe to Hengrove Package MetroBus Informal Consultation (Deadline passed 16 Jan 2015)

Our response:

Bristol Cycling Campaign wishes to comment on the NFHP proposals across the route. We seek commitment that all developments and designs will take cycling into consideration and will conform to the Bristol City Council (BCC) Cycling Strategy that is soon to be published.

BCC endorsed our own Freedom to Ride Bristol Cycling Manifesto.

Both documents call for improved cycling infrastructure design including road danger reduction and installing physically protected space for cycling on main roads.

The Campaign would like to discuss further with you the opportunities presented by the Metrobus project for supporting Bristol City’s objective of doubling cycling numbers and look forward to ongoing dialogue with the project.

Our detailed comments follow, but are by no means exhaustive:

  1. Creswicke Road is currently fairly low trafficked and reasonably comfortable for cycling. The proposal to narrow traffic lanes with use of central hatching will squeeze cyclists. Additional pinch point build outs are proposed which will cause further problems for cyclists (the plans are vague, but this appears to the case)
  2. The proposal to create a gyratory system in the South Bristol campus draws on 1960s style traffic planning, and will make cycle access more difficult. Contra flow cycling should be catered for.
  3. A large number of cycling desire routes focus on and through the Centre. There is no comprehensive attempt to recognise this as part of the design, just a few tokens. (The new road across the centre space further diminishes this area). The new cycleway on Baldwin St needs to be extended to The Centre.
  4. The plans suggest that the cycling traffic signal at the eastern end of St Nicholas Street will be removed – please would you confirm the situation.
  5. The uphill segregated cycle track on Coldharbour Lane reduces in width at southern end (already substandard). Additional conflict at new bus junction.
  6. Cyclists should be legally allowed to go both ways on East St but this is not addressed by Metrobus plans.
  7. Two narrow traffic lanes (bus and all purpose) are to be introduced Bedminster Parade, squeezing cyclists close to Imperial Arcade wall. This is not acceptable and does not conform the Cycling Strategy. Several people have commented on this at . Children from St Mary Redcliffe school use this informally to avoid having to use this hostile section of the A38.
  8. Cyclists are dumped onto Hartcliffe Way where the existing cycle track ends. Metrobus bus doesn’t attempt to address the need for provision but creates narrower traffic lanes that cyclists will be squeezed in.
  9. Dangerous junctions where cyclists are in conflict with traffic, such as Headley Lane/Hartcliffe Way, not addressed

We have raised issues previously during the project but do not feel that they are being addressed.

Please would you arrange a meeting with the Campaign to discuss the issues raised by this and the other Metrobus projects.


Martin McDonnell
Secretary, Bristol Cycling Campaign