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Our chance to influence – Bristol quality of life survey

Bristol City Council is running its annual Quality of Neighbourhood Life survey:

Question 55 asks for actions and changes which would improve people’s local quality of life. This is our chance to mention transport: the benefits of 20mph and more protected cycle routes accessible for everyone. Last year the citizens’ priorities section on transport said:

General transport issues – cars, cycling & roads

The greatest number of comments, in this category, was about parking followed, in order of frequency, by commuting and congestion; cars; 20 mph zones; maintenance of roads and pavements; cycling and cyclists; speed and traffic calming.

Of the comments on traffic, the largest proportion was on reducing congestion.

Of the comments on 20mph zones, the majority wanted the zones removed, although many said they would want them kept outside schools.

The majority of comments on cycling were about the need for improving cycling infrastructure to support more cycling, although there were also a large number of comments on the need for stricter laws for cyclists (e.g. cycling on pavements, insurance).

Though a bit on the long side, the Quality of Life surveys over the years are full of information about every area of the life of the city, including attitudes to and levels of cycling. We’ve covered previous report in Cycling Trends in Bristol and Twenty questions to light the way to improving cycling in Bristol. The most recent reports on transport show cycling levels increasing from 11% in 2010 to 15% in 2015 Quality of Life in Bristol 2014 – Transport and Quality of Life in Bristol 2015 – Transport.  The ward breakdown shows that Bishopston topping the table with 40% of respondents travel to work by bike, followed by 31% in Southville and Easton.

This all then feeds into informing policy and local decisions.

So what are you waiting for?