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Our New Committee

A new committee was elected at our AGM in April – the following committee members were re-elected:

– Andrew Gough
– Benn Woodward
– Chris Whitlock
– Eric Booth
– Martin Tweddell
– Martin McDonnell
– Penny Partridge
– Terry Miller

Adam Semenenko, a very active member of our Infrastructiure Action Group and regular attendee at Cyclie Forums and other cycling meetings, has subsequently volunteered to be on the Committee and has been accepted by a quorum.

Grateful thanks to Anneke van Velze, Tessa Fitzjohn, Martin Parkinson and William Baker for their help on the Committee last year.

The Committee appointed roles at our May meeting as follows:

Chair – Eric Booth
Treasurer – Benn Woodward
Secretary – Martin McDonnell
Rides & Social – Chris Whitlock & Penny Partridge
Campaigns – Eric Booth
Infrastructure – Martin McDonnell
Communications – Martin Tweddell
South Gloucester – Andrew Gough