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Portway Sunday Park dates announced

The Portway will close on five dates this year due to events such as the triathlon and marathon. Rather than re-opening straight away once those events are over, approval has just been granted to keep the Portway closed to vehicles for the rest of the day (until 10pm/midnight) on those dates. The organising group are asking the people of Bristol to come forward with their ideas on how they would like to use the space as a public traffic free space on five Sundays in 2015.

Art projects, recycling projects, litter picking, walks, talks, theatre treasure hunts, rock climbing were just some of the initial ideas, but the aim right now is to really get the word out – please let people know that the space is there for them to use as they like, and think about whether you would like to do anything as organisations/individuals to take advantage of this.

The Portway closure dates, and more information are below and in the proposal document attached. Next meetings are Mondays: 16th March, 13th April, & 11th May. All starting at 7pm at the Pavillion meeting room on the Docks, BS1 5JE.

There is now a Facebook page which will hopefully become a central point for discussion etc. Apologies for those who don’t use Facebook!

If you’re interested in being part of the steering group/putting together a website/starting a Twitter account/have some good ideas that you don’t want to put on FB then please email or come along to the next meeting on Monday 16thMarch, 7pm at The Pavilion Meeting room.

Date  Main event  Last competitor Road clear Sunset High tide
31 May Bristol 10KHalf-termWalking Festival last day  11.00 13.00 21.17 18.30
14 June Bristol TriathlonFirst weekend Big Green Week Not yet agreed Not yet agreed?15.00 21.29 18.10
21 June Biggest Bike RideFinal day of Big Green WeekMay not close Portway ? ? 21.32 10.50
13 September Bristol ½ Marathon  13.00 15.00 19.30 20.00
25 October Bath Bristol Marathon  Not yet available Not yet available 16.57


As the proposal says: The beauty of the Portway Sunday Park is that it makes use of the City’s existing resources in a creative way. Portway traffic flow on Sundays is different in volume and nature to weekdays and can easily take alternative routes. The only properties directly affected in terms of highway access along the whole length of the road – St. Vincent’s Terrace – would gain a whole day of blessed quiet and peace and could easily be accommodated in terms of Sunday access. 

The capital and operating costs of opening up this huge linear park – 25 acres or more, or 200 plus, depending on how extensively you consider that adjacent fields, woods and riverside areas are blighted by the traffic at present – is very small and represents extraordinary value for money.