Bristol Cycling Campaign representatives have had two further meetings with the police, to which the Council have also been invited, and have visited the police’s Collisions Investigations Unit in Weston-super-Mare. 

The police officers concerned have accepted that their practices and procedures need to be improved to deliver a consistently good service to cyclists who have been involved in collisions. They have put forward a number of measures, primarily involving training of police officers, to improve collision investigations.

There is further work the Campaign needs to do to ensure these changes are delivered. A major concern is that this overhaul of the service is taking place against a background of budget reductions, staff reorganisations and the introduction of new computer systems – all challenging circumstances. Even if improvements are agreed on paper, the BCyC expects to have to monitor the police response to incidents over a number of years and will be encouraging members to report on the service they receive.

The Chief Constable is also working on a response re adoption of the CTC Road Justice Campaign.