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2019 AGM report and review of Simon Munk’s presentation

Simon Munk takes questions

As promised last week, there is now a report from our AGM and a review of the presentation which Simon Munk gave, immediately after, to over 60 attendees:

AGM 2019

Simon Munk

Thank you!

Simon Munk of London Cycling Campaign

Last night we held a brisk AGM – with little need for debate – before moving on to our main event.

We enjoyed an inspiring presentation from Simon Munk of London Cycle Campaign. He is widely regarded as an expert on cycling infrastructure and he had spent the day touring Bristol’s cycle routes. A lively Question and Answer session followed and the discussions continued after we left.

A fuller post will appear soon but in the meantime we want to thank everyone who made the evening such a success – Simon, BCyC activists, our less active (!) members, new faces and The Create Centre. We should also thank The Nova Scotia for welcoming a huge group of lively campaigners in search of food and drinks!


Review and Reports for 2019 AGM

Create Centre and Ashton Avenue Bridge

Fans of BCyC and all its many doings will be aware that Simon Munk, perhaps the UK’s top cycle campaigner, from the London Cycling Campaign is talking to us at 6pm on Wednesday 26 November 2019 (full details). He was an instrumental campaigner in getting the gold standard Waltham Forest mini Holland or Liveable Neighbourhood. Before that at 5.30pm we have our Annual General Meeting in the Lecture Theatre at Create Centre (excellent bike parking).


We will make reference to four papers:

If you have the time and inclination please read these and, members, please ask any questions. If you just want to get to the campaigning stuff come along, listen to Simon’s talk and then join the debate and have your say. Most of the evening is intended for open discussion; we think talking and getting involved is the way to get change.

Please note: this free event is now sold out but there is a waiting list.

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