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Petition: Uninterrupted Cycle Lane on both sides along entire Gloucester Road

There’s a petition running to improve cycling facilities in Gloucester Road that we think is worth supporting – please sign it.

It’s quite simple:

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No Road Justice on Gloucester Road

The Police Response to Incidents Involving Cyclists on Bristol’s Gloucester Road

Rob Harding (BCyC member)

Mid-morning traffic on Gloucester Road, Bristol

Early this year I was surprised to see in a local freesheet that a Bishopston Councillor had called for the police to make cracking down on cycling on the pavement one of their top priorities. Whilst an occasional nuisance, I didn’t think the problem was so pervasive or dangerous as to warrant a re-prioritising of police resources. I decided to take a closer look at the cause of road traffic incidents on the Gloucester Road near where I live. The road had already been identified as one of the six worst in Bristol in terms of incidents involving injury to cyclists (see Sam Saunders’ blog).

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