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A Modest Proposal #4: Clanage Road Roundabout and the Festival Way

If you want to scare yourself rigid, pop along to Clanage Road roundabout on any weekday in term time at 3.15pm. That’s the time that 1,500 kids pour out of Ashton Park School and onto the fast busy roundabout on the A369. This is a key hub on the F11 Inner Orbital Cycling Freeway in the BCyC strategic cycle network and close to F8 Festival Way Quietway.

BCyC members have been working with local residents on ideas to improve walking and cycling and the junction has been adopted as one of the priorities for the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership (see TrafficChoices tracker).

A paper making the case for change is here: Clanage-Road-Roundabout-Strategic-Route-hub-proposal-May-2015. This has been presented to the local neighbourhood partnership, GBCP, and is based on a series of raised tables, crossings and improvements to reduce the speed of the estimated daily flow of 10-20,000 vehicles. It also aims to significantly increase the number of cycle movements from the current 1200-2000.

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Secure bicycle parking in Greater Bedminster

Do you regularly use a bicycle? Are you frustrated that it’s sometimes difficult to find a secure and accessible space to store your bike?

If the answer is yes, then you’re probably not alone. Since 2003 the population of ‘greater’ Bedminster (Southville and Bedminster) has risen by 22% and the number of people regularly walking and cycling has also risen significantly.

Greater Bedminster has the third lowest levels of car availability in the city. As many as 31% of households have no car (the Bristol average is 29%) and this area has the fourth highest proportion of people who travel to work on foot or by bicycle at 39% (the Bristol average is 27%). Source Greater Bedminster Neighbourhood Partnership Statistical Profile 2014, Bristol City Council http://www.bristol.gov.uk/…/NP10%20Bedminster%20Southville%…

Cycling is a convenient and healthy way to make short journeys to work, to the shops or for leisure. However, many people in greater Bedminster live in terrace houses where storage for bikes is limited and awkward. Some people have invested in secure bike storage boxes in their own gardens, but many people don’t have the space in their gardens or the resources for these.

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Community Speedwatch in Bedminster

A group of Bristol Cycling Campaign members has been active in the BS3 area Community SpeedWatch group. Here’s a table showing overall findings so far.

Obviously early days but this shows that the majority of drivers are complying at least on most routes (and these are the sites assessed by the police as being worth monitoring). Numerically the number of speeders is still high though. Very few are going over the 30 threshold (about 12 out of 500 vehicles monitored), and we doubt if this would have been the case prior to 20mph being introduced.

We will update this as we get more results but early conclusions are that 20mph is having an effect. (In case you don’t know, police count ‘speeders’ as people doing 20 plus 10% plus 2=24mph).

So far over 1100 vehicles have been speed checked at 5 locations over 4.5 hours, with 20% speeding. It’s clear that the time of day is a big factor, and that some locations have more of a problem that others (we’re looking at you, Duckmoor Road).

Bedminster Community Speed Watch Results      
Proportion of ‘speeders’ (number of speeders/no of vehicles counted)      
Date Time Duration Location Total Vehicles Speeding %
13/08/14 11:00 30 Greenway Bush Lane 71 13 18%
04/11/14 08:30 38 Greenway Bush Lane 134 11 8%
28/08/14 17:10 25 Bedminster Parade 165 30 18%
03/12/14 08:35 30 Bedminster Parade 108 12 11%
08/09/14 08:35 25 Raleigh Road inbound 33 3 9%
08/09/14 09:00 20 Raleigh Road outbound 38 11 29%
11/11/14 09:20 15 Duckmoor Road 45 24 53%
27/11/14 08:38 26 Duckmoor Road 178 38 21%
20/11/14 08:38 27 North Street 159 38 24%
09/12/14 09:10 30 North Street 173 15 9%

Barriers Likely to be Removed

There is strong indication from Council officers that the Gaol Ferry Bridge chicane barriers will be removed for a 12 month trial following the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership’s unanimous decision to support this.

Details on how this will be managed need to be discussed, so please contact us if you would like to be involved. Suggested measures include improving the signage to reinforce the message to ‘slow down’ and ‘share the bridge’. Also something is needed to clearly indicate no motorbikes, as there is nothing to say this right now.

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