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The Future of Bristol Cycling Campaign. Is it time to go pro?

Here’s a guest blog from Chrissie Decker:

It is the run up to 2015 and we are preparing to take on the title of “European Green Capital”. Transport is one of the five key areas to be addressed. Additionally, cycling is linked to Resources and Nature too, which are two of the other four.

People are open to discussion and there is funding available. So what are we doing to raise the profile of Bristol Cycling Campaign? What are we doing to be a loud, strong voice for cyclists in Bristol and what are we doing to engage more people in the benefits of cycling?

London Cycle Campaign has a staff of nineteen professionals who run the organisation backed up by a vast team of supported volunteers. Take a look at this page to see the team of staff who tackle roles from Business Development and Income Generation to Campaign management. 

It is these professionals who created the highly successful “Space for Cycling” campaign, which proved to be so effective in London that it has now been rolled out nationally. It is these professionals who engage and support the volunteers who do such a great job on the ground.

My questions are:

  1. What staff would we like to have running Bristol Cycle Campaign?
  2. Who has HR experience they can offer us to assist with recruiting those staff?
  3. Who has grant application experience to help us apply for the initial salary?
  4. Finally, where is our branded gazebo and promo banner flags and what events will we see them at next year?

Let’s discuss the issues and make suggestions through the BCyC FacebookYahoo Group or Twitter.