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We’re supporting Extinction Rebellion’s Critical Mass ride: Wed 17 July

We all know cycling is one of the major solutions to combat the climate emergency.

By supporting XR’s Critical Mass ride we support our shared values and ultimately make cycling a real choice for those that can and those that want to.

The ride assembles at College Green, Wednesday 17 July at 6pm, aiming to leave at 6.30pm.  There will be a second pick up point in Queen Square at 7pm:

The ride will last about an hour, but if that’s too long for little legs feel free to peel off from the group at any point.

Nervous? This will be a family-friendly, direct, non-violent action and we have been assured it will follow XR’s 10 principles and values found here:  Anyone not following these will be rightfully, but peacefully, shunned.

Please bring your XR clothes and flags to attach to bikes (or poke out of backpacks). Because this is part of XR’s summer action where Bristol is highlighting rising sea levels, please wear your swimming accessories: arm-bands, rubber rings, snorkels etc. If the weather’s good, dress for the beach.

There will be extra flags and flyers to hand out to interested passers by.

(Event photo: XR bike swarm – London April 2019, by kind permission of

Remember: “We’re not blocking traffic, we are the traffic!”