The Bristol Road Justice campaign group of Bristol Cycling is keen to hear from cyclists who have been victims of road incidents (whether injured or not) with regards to how the police have responded. Please send reports to These will help us to identify any issues we need to address with A&S Police.

Thanks for your help with this – we know that such incidents cause a lot of distress, but unless incidents get reported and are followed through then justice will not prevail and our roads will continue to be a danger to people who choose to cycle.

What to do if you are involved in a road traffic collision while cycling

Reporting the Incident to the Police by Phone

You should call the police’s 999 service if:

  • You are seriously injured.
  • You are the victim of or witness dangerous driving and an immediate response is required.
  • You are hit by a driver who fails to stop.

If you sustain a more minor injury or damage to your bike and an immediate police response is not required, you should use the police’s 101 service.

You may need to be persistent as we often hear of the police telephone operators trying to put off cyclists from reporting such crimes. You should be given a crime number. If they won’t help you, get in touch with us at

Reporting Incidents to the Police via the Internet

The Avon and Somerset Police website, under Cycling / How do I report an incident, suggests filling in their “report a crime or incident form” but this does not currently work for cycling incidents. They plan to remedy this. When they do we will report the changes here. UPDATE May 2018: incidents can now be reported here.

You can Report a Near Miss

You can do this using the police’s “report a cycling near miss” form. But you shouldn’t use this form for collisions, or for anything you would hope to be investigated, because at present the police only use this information to identify where there are problems on the roads and where they should target their resources. We’re pressing them to actively use the reports to pursue bad drivers.

What the Police Should Do

Here is the flow chart of the actions the police should take in response to your incident, and the Victim Support with which you should be provided.
The police should complete a report on all road traffic incidents resulting in injury.

Independent Advice and Assistance

Cycling UK publish a guide as to what to do if you are involved in a road traffic incident.

The Bristol Cycling road justice group is keen to hear from cyclists who have been the victims of road incidents, whether injured or not, and learn from them as to how the police have responded. In some cases, where the police’s response has been unsatisfactory, we can help advise cyclists as to how to arrange for the police to treat their incident seriously. Get in touch with us at