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Bristol cyclist magazine No.16 Summer 1995

Bristol Cyclist 16 1995 Summer The end of Avon – precarious future for cycling Grim Reaper #13 – heatwaves Motorbikes in bus lanes Groningen, city of cyclists Low Energy Transport Group Australian helmet legislation Traffic calming…

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Bristol Cyclist magazine No.13 Autumn 1994

Bristol Cyclist 13 1994 Autumn Asthma strikes one in three Solsbury Hill – life in the trees uproar over Railway Path sculptures Cycling on British Waterways towing paths Rapid Transit plans G.A.S.P. (Growing Asthma Stop Pollution) campaign Downs Committee veto cycling event Grim Reaper #10 – Driving…

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Bristol cyclist magazine No.12 Summer 1994

Bristol Cyclist 12 1994 Summer Save Solsbury Hill 100 cyclists, pedestrians and children wearing gas masks block Cheltenham Road Life after the car National Bike Week Cycling Policy: Avon loses its way Government U-turn or load of greenwash?…

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Bristol cyclist magazine No.11 Spring 1994

Bristol Cyclist 11 1994 Spring First Critical Mass ride in Bristol A BUG is born (Bicycle User Group) Grim Reaper #8 – Diesel fumes Buckled Wheel Award for disservices to cycling – Bristol Development Corporation Review of 1993 Life after the car Cycle campaigners conference…

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Bristol cyclist magazine No.9 Autumn 1993

Bristol Cyclist 09 1993 Autumn Reclaim the Roads – Bedminster roundabout demonstration Why we should support park-and-ride “Stop this green nonsense” says our motoring correspondent Please don’t park on the pavement leaflets BCyC hosts annual Cycle Campaign Network conference…

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Bristol Cyclist magazine No.8 Summer 1993

Bristol Cyclist 08 1993 Summer New CANUTE party stands in Avon County Council elections (invent your own acronym) “People first” – BCyC reply to Avon Transport Plan Cycle for Sustrans Cycling and media The Pollution Solution – BCyC tee-shirts…

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