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Does Bristol need a Good Transport Plan?

UPDATE 19/11/2015 BCyC has sent in comments on the draft: BCyC response to Green Transport Plan draft Nov2015. The Green Capital transport group, lead by Sustrans, have been working on a Good Transport Plan for Bristol. Bristol Cycling Campaign have been following this with interest including a discussion at our April members meeting, it’s possible that the reason there has not been much involvement or response is possibly due the rather unchallenging ‘motherhood and apple pie’ content? Who could disagree with it? But equally, where are the ambitious and visionary (and challenging) plans or actions? As campaigners at…

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Where are bikes being nicked, and who by?

Between May 2013 and Feb 2015 there were 2976 cycle thefts in Bristol (LA area).  Only 3% of reported bicycle thefts resulted in a prosecution/caution/fine, so it was good to have news of the recent arrest of 5 people and recovery of £50,000 suspected stolen bikes. If you have ever wondered which areas are most vulnerable there’s a useful map attached covering 2013 to 2015. Further information at See more at: Our friends at Stolen Bikes have an interesting blog using information from London looking at Bike Thieves – Who Are They? Recommended reading. No surprises that the answer to why bicycle theft…

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Speed awareness courses for 20mph

News comes through that there are now speed awareness courses for those caught speeding in 20mph areas. Drivers speeding between 24 and 31mph can now be required to attend the 4 hour 20mph Speed Awareness Courses at 8 venues across Avon and Somerset, South Wales, North Wales and Gwent Police Authorities. This follows the adoption by the Police and Crime Commissioner of Road Safety as an additional priority (we prefer a Road Danger Reduction approach). The police are actively seeking to set up more Community Speedwatch schemes and their CSW June Newsletter is attached with details about how to…

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Secure bicycle parking in Greater Bedminster

Do you regularly use a bicycle? Are you frustrated that it’s sometimes difficult to find a secure and accessible space to store your bike?

If the answer is yes, then you’re probably not alone. Since 2003 the population of ‘greater’ Bedminster (Southville and Bedminster) has risen by 22% and the number of people regularly walking and cycling has also risen significantly.

Greater Bedminster has the third lowest levels of car availability in the city. As many as 31% of households have no car (the Bristol average is 29%) and this area has the fourth highest proportion of people who travel to work on foot or by bicycle at 39% (the Bristol average is 27%). Source Greater Bedminster Neighbourhood Partnership Statistical Profile 2014, Bristol City Council…/NP10%20Bedminster%20Southville%…

Cycling is a convenient and healthy way to make short journeys to work, to the shops or for leisure. However, many people in greater Bedminster live in terrace houses where storage for bikes is limited and awkward. Some people have invested in secure bike storage boxes in their own gardens, but many people don’t have the space in their gardens or the resources for these.

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Metrobus construction impact on cycle routes

As construction work starts on the various Metrobus routes we can expect considerable disruption to some key cycling routes through the city. In some areas this is a worthwhile inconvenience to get some valuable improvements. In others the outcome is less clear. There’s a useful website with all the various projects at Key points at present include: Ashton Avenue Bridge by Cumberland Basin will be closed for a year (a full 12 months!). We are told that “The diversion does not use the road. Cyclists and pedestrians will be segregated and protected from the traffic by safety barriers. Temporary cycling improvements to…

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20 mph under threat

A petition has been raised asking Bristol City Council to scrap most of the 20mph rollout claiming it is “ridiculous” and “ludicrous”. Anyone who walks or cycles around the city knows this not to be the case. We need to counter such misinformed rubbish and urge you to sign the alternative petition here: Keep and extend 20mph limits The petitioners’ argument that 20mph has made the roads more dangerous is particularly weak: “We the undersigned are of the opinion that roads will only be made more dangerous with frustrated drivers and people watching the speedo rather…

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Strawberry Line temporary closure

  A significant section of the Strawberry line is to close between 2 & 15 September to allow for the construction of a solar farm. The diversion takes you down a busy B road which should at least be signposted to warn motorists of additional cycle and pedestrian presence. More details here. Let us know if you spot any shortcomings.

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20 years of the NCN

Has it really been that long since the National Cycling Network came about? Whilst we at BCyC HQ try to work out where the time went, please get yourselves to Queen Square on Sat 22 Aug to help celebrate with Sustrans at their Fair in the Square.

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