Downs Loop consultation – please show your support

Our friends at Cycle Sunday are currently running a public consultation on their proposal for the Downs Loop. This includes wide accessible paths to welcome all users, new raised crossings, and traffic calming (around Circular Road). Vicki Cracknell, from the Downs Loop campaign shares an update: We have been so inspired by a young woman called Eleanor who describes herself as an adaptive cyclist meaning she is unable to ride a traditional two-wheeled bike. She has attended all six car-free Cycle Sunday events and is passionate about creating new opportunities for people to enjoy cycling around the Downs. For…

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How a healthy streets approach will help Bristol bounce back – our July 2020 webinar [updated]

How has Bristol responded to the Covid19 crisis and how could the Healthy Streets approach aid our development of streets for people? After the success of our first webinar event (The Future of Cycling in Bristol – Webinar May 2020), we are delighted to share the recording of our July webinar. This was jointly hosted by Bristol Walking Alliance and Bristol Cycling Campaign with over 100 people attending on the night, a fantastic response. To watch the video please click here. We were really pleased with the engagement and feedback on the night, including:…

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Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan Consultation

The West of England Combined Authority (WECA) – remember them, Metro Mayor, Tim Bowles? – have shown scant interest in active travel. But they have now put out a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for a consultation which closed on 15 March 2020. This is important as the LCWIP is the only game in town for cycling improvements in Bristol and the surrounding area. It’s a mixed bag – quite a few protected cycleways proposed, but many shared paths etc. Also lots of “explore” this and “consider” that; very tentative. We expected this plan to set…

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A Bristol Cycling podcast: Old Market Roundabout

The first podcast in an occasional series. This one is very short and to the point! When we heard that there was development at Old Market we asked Bristol City Council for a Dutch-style roundabout. We knew it was a big ask – it was probably too ambitious, this time – but what opened today is an improvement on what was there before. We just have to keep on asking… The traffic was particularly loud today, apologies for the sound quality in parts.

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Victoria Park and Filwood Quietway – good for everyone

South Bristol is poorly served for cycling. We’ve been advocating what is now the proposed Filwood Quiteway since our 2013 Bristol Cycling Manifesto (where it was called Q13 Knowle Quietway running all the way into the centre). A lot of work and consultation has been put into planning the details of this route by Sustrans and Bristol Council, including an innovative website for the whole route that we hope to see used again on other schemes.

The section through Victoria Park is particularly good and is now a planning application which we strongly support (closing 11th January 2017). It is one of those “win-win” situations. It passes a school and is perfect for encouraging children (and adults) to cycle and walk in safety. Full details are in the Victoria Park Design and Access Statement.

Here is our response to the consultation, also below BCyCResponsetoFilwoodQuietway-VictoriaPark.
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More walking and cycling instead of car use means cleaner air. Bristol has the 4th most polluted air in the UK. Bristolians will be healthier, save money and have a better quality environment. All these benefits will be immediate and long term, for everyone.

Despite all these positive benefits  there are well organised objectors who are determined to stop this cycleway (here and here). Bristol needs this cycleway. Your support is very important to ensure this proposal proceeds and all the work to date is not wasted. Please show your support by making a comment to the planning application. You just need to give your details, say you support it, and then add a comment, if you wish. This can be as simple as ‘I support this and agree with the more detailed submission by Bristol Cycling Campaign’. There is a useful “You Said, We Did” section on lighting, route choice, segregation, width and barriers on the Filwood Quietway project page.
Click here to support the Quietway 
P.S. any number of people from the same household can support, and please ask others to support.

Local councillors for Windmill Hill and for Knowle have said they support Space for Cycling, and so has the Cabinet Member for Transport, Mark Bradshaw. You can be sure they are hearing a lot from those who don’t want the cycling improvements. Use this link to send them an email saying you’re in favour. We’ve don’t most of the work but you should include your name and address and personal comments before sending.
Email the Councillors [add your name and comment]

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Bristol Council Corporate Strategy consultation 2017-2022 – good for cycling?

Bristol Council has published the Corporate Strategy consultation 2017-2022. There are immensely hard choices to be made. Traditionally this means that those at the bottom of the pile are hit hardest. In transport terms, this means those who choose the cheapest and healthiest options of walking and cycling. What does the strategy have say about cycling? [bs_notification type=”danger” dismissible=”false”]Headline Action: Use the consultation to ask that walking and cycling be considered as strategic priorities rather than afterthoughts.[/bs_notification] Mayor Marvin Rees places equality and health at the centre of his plans, and aims to “improve our transport to connect…

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Bristol Bugbears – report things that can be improved

The new Bristol City Council Bugbears site is going to be very useful. There is funding to make small improvements to cycling and walking facilities around the city. As the council says “Fixing small things can make a big difference – bugbears are the small irritating things that hinder your cycling and walking through Bristol. It could be roads that could be made safer, missing signage, overgrown paths, uneven surfaces, obstacles or potholes.” This is not for defects or larger projects (like proper Space for Cycling routes). The main challenge to making this a useful tool is how to…

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Cycle plans around Prince Street include pedestrianisation

Good to see Bristol 24/7 keeping the issue of the future of Prince Street Bridge in the spotlight. Nothing new here however, beyond the consultation over the summer about the protected cycle route. Our view was that the proposed 3m wide two way route wasn’t wide enough, that it gave up at the centre, and that a wholly different and more sensible solution will be possible once it’s decided that people walking and cycling should have proper provision. Sign the petition here. Source: Bristol 24/7 – News and Features | News | Transport | Cycle plans around Prince Street…

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Job description for walking & cycling czar – Get Britain Cycling

So, this is the replacement for Andrew Gillingham. The model has served London well and made a really significant change to the way cycling is viewed in the rest of the country as well.  This role is one we have been calling for since our Bristol Cycling Manifesto in 2013, and again in our Space for Cycling Manifesto for the 2016 elections. With a coming ‘metro mayor’ and sustained transport funding across 3 of the 4 local authorities maybe it time to look at this again to drive through the MetroCycle programme (if and when that emerges).

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Campaign to keep Prince St Bridge for people walking and cycling

Prince Street Bridge is possible the most important single point in the city for walking and cycling. It is very heavily used and already a point of significant congestion. This will get worse as ever more people choose to walk and cycle.

It is clear that it can no longer continue to function safely and comfortably while meeting the needs of walking, cycling and motor traffic. Something has to give.

We’ve launched a petition for a one year trial of a proper design for walking and cycling. It’s been closed to motor traffic for six months so we know the city can cope.

There is a consultation on Prince Street out now to create a proper All Ages and Abilities (Triple A) route from Cumberland Road to the Centre, but it gives up at Prince St Bridge (and also doesn’t link to Gaol Ferry Bridge).

There’s a ‘plotting’ meeting for everyone who wants to make this happen on Weds 20th July, 5.45pm at Roll for the Soul. Come along!
Here’s the text of the petition

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