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2019 AGM report and review of Simon Munk’s presentation

Simon Munk takes questions

As promised last week, there is now a report from our AGM and a review of the presentation which Simon Munk gave, immediately after, to over 60 attendees: AGM 2019 Simon Munk Presentation

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Simon Munk of London Cycling Campaign

Last night we held a brisk AGM – with little need for debate – before moving on to our main event. We enjoyed an inspiring presentation from Simon Munk of London Cycle Campaign. He is widely regarded as an expert on cycling infrastructure and he had spent the day touring Bristol’s cycle routes. A lively […]

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Review and Reports for 2019 AGM

Create Centre and Ashton Avenue Bridge

Fans of BCyC and all its many doings will be aware that Simon Munk, perhaps the UK’s top cycle campaigner, from the London Cycling Campaign is talking to us at 6pm on Wednesday 26 November 2019 (full details). He was an instrumental campaigner in getting the gold standard Waltham Forest mini Holland or Liveable Neighbourhood. […]

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Annual General Meeting and Talk by Simon Munk (London Cycling Campaign) 26 November


Cycle Campaigning: lessons from London and the Waltham Forest Mini-Holland Open to all – come and tell us about your experience of cycling in Bristol.  Nationally renowned cycle campaigner and the London Cycle Campaign’s expert on cycling infrastructure, Simon Munk will give a presentation on promoting change in London, working directly with City Hall, and […]

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The start of cycle campaigning in Bristol, lessons for today?

It’s well worth settling down with the hot beverage of your choice and letting the estimable John Grimshaw tell you about the start of cycle campaigning in Bristol, and we venture, in the UK. He describes the striking series of demonstrations and actions that started in 1974 and lead to the Bristol Bath Railway Path […]

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2018 AGM (and Mingle)

Bristol Cycling Campaign: sharing ideas

In planning for the evening, we had agreed to keep formal business brief, allowing more time for a Mingle we had promoted on social media and in member emails. The out-going Treasurer, Benn Woodward, took ByC members through the accounts. And we approved them. The out-going Chair, Eric Booth, explained that the formal Committee is […]

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AGM and Mingle, Wednesday 31 October 2018

When you ride a bike in Bristol you become one of the most visible parts of a campaign for a better future. It shouldn’t be this way of course, cycling should be completely normal and unremarkable. That’s what Bristol Cycling Campaign is all about, “a city where cycling is so easy that everyone does it”. BCyC […]

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Summary Report and AGM 2017

At our AGM in September we invited Hannah Taylor from the Bristol Cycle Festival to give us an early debrief on this year’s events. But first we needed to get to the statutory business, as directed by our constitution. Our annual accounts were presented by Treasurer, Benn Woodward followed by a swift block election of our […]

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BCyC Planning Framework – status update for AGM 30th April 2014

Each year after our AGM our newly elected committee reviews our Constitution and develops a plan for the coming year. We report against that plan at the following AGM. In future we plan to provide more frequent updates through our website, but in any case, members are free to enquire about progress at any time […]

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 Bristol Cycling Campaign Constitution (download pdf) Agreed at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 5 November 2009   1. Name This is the constitution and rules of procedure of the society named: “Bristol Cycling Campaign” (BCyC) (“the Campaign”).   2. Administration Subject to the matters set out below the Campaign and its property shall be administered and […]

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Discounts for Our Members

You could make back the cost of membership in no time!  Just show your membership card to claim discounts – these may not be available on all items and services, please check with the store. You can also get a reduced affiliate membership of Cycling UK with benefits including insurance, advice and discounts (you’ll find the code to […]

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Founding member Tony Ambrose on setting up BCyC in 1991

Here’s a brief clip of Tony Ambrose looking back on the 20th Anniversary of the founding of Bristol Cycling Campaign. Note that there was of course cycle campaigning before 1991, but things had gone rather quiet when Tony and others decided to shake things up. There’s more of the story from John Grimshaw about 1974, […]

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