About Us

Working to make cycling so easy, everyone does it

Our Vision: Everyday cycling, for everyone, everywhere

Our Mission: Cycling is good for Bristol - let's make Bristol good for cycling!

About Bristol Cycling Campaign

Bristol Cycling wants to see a future where Bristol and the surrounding areas are alive with people on cycles, because cycling is so easy that everyone does it. Our communities will be happier, healthier, greener and more civilised. We work to create a vibrant and inclusive cycling culture by challenging old thinking, and by putting forward positive […]

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BCyC Planning Framework – status update for AGM 30th April 2014

Each year after our AGM our newly elected committee reviews our Constitution and develops a plan for the coming year. We report against that plan at the following AGM. In future we plan to provide more frequent updates through our website, but in any case, members are free to enquire about progress at any time […]

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 Bristol Cycling Campaign Constitution Agreed at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 5 November 2009   1. Name This is the constitution and rules of procedure of the society named: “Bristol Cycling Campaign” (BCyC) (“the Campaign”).   2. Administration Subject to the matters set out below the Campaign and its property shall be administered and managed […]

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Discounts for Our Members

You could make back the cost of membership in no time!  Just show your membership card to claim discounts – these may not be available on all items and services, please check with the store. Shops offering a discount to members of Bristol Cycling: BikeFix Bradley Stoke mobile service, Bradley Stoke area 07963 933317 10% Bikes […]

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