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Making Bristol better for cycling

Working with the Police

Two thirds of people in Greater Bristol won't even consider riding a bike. They say the roads are too dangerous. Better cycle ways are important, but police enforcement makes things safer for cycling and walking.

Near misses and enforcement

We work to improve reporting of incidents and near misses, as well as proper investigation and enforcement action. Other actions are on speeding and 'doorings'. What to do if you're involved in an incident

What to do if you are involved in a road traffic collision while cycling

The Bristol Road Justice campaign group of Bristol Cycling is keen to hear from cyclists who have been victims of road incidents (whether injured or not) with regards to how the police have responded. Please send reports to These will help us to identify any issues we need to address with A&S Police.

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Bristol Road Justice Group submits evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group’s inquiry

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group is conducting an inquiry into “Cycling and the Justice System”. These are the issues they plan to investigate and the evidence submitted by Cycling UK, RoadPeace and Bristol Road Justice Group

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What are the police doing about collisions resulting in injury to cyclists?

Bristol police recorded 250 incidents of injury to cyclists in 2015 with 38 being detained in hospital. So what are the police doing about this? As far as enforcement action is concerned – not much.

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Government consulting on driving injustices

Organisations representing victims, cyclists and walkers, and sustainable transport organisations have written welcoming the setting up of the review but have said that they “were disappointed to learn that the role of driving bans is not to be a key issue” and “we are concerned that the consultation will miss a key chance to make our roads safer.”

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Police start a ‘Give Space, Be Safe’ initiative to tackle near misses

Avon & Somerset Police officers went to a seminar last week by West Midlands police on their award winning ‘Give Space, Be Safe’ initiative (Best Practice Education and Enforcement in the West Midlands). Since the initiative began last September in West Midlands it is credited with halving the number of incidents of ‘close passing’ reported by cyclists in […]

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If Chris Grayling had doored a cyclist in Bristol?

With the Transport Minister Chris Grayling in the news for carelessly, perhaps criminally, dooring a cyclist, we look at the situation in Bristol.

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Best Practice Education and Enforcement in the West Midlands

West Midlands Police

An insightful blog by West Midlands Police Traffic Unit, and some action we could well do with in Avon and Somerset.

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Look out for yourself – because motorists often won’t

dazzling roads at night

Motorists often don’t look out for cyclists and pedestrians. And research has revealed that millions of motorists suffer with eyesight below the legal standard. So it is to be welcomed that Avon & Somerset Police have published advice this winter to encourage cyclists to make sure they can be seen in the dark.

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Are the Roads Getting Less Dangerous for Cyclists? Trends 2003-2015

Important statistics have been published recently concerning road traffic incidents, and the resulting death and injuries, occurring in Bristol during 2015 (Bristol Emergency Hospital Admissions 2003 – 2015) Key facts for 2015:

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Police and Crime Commissioner Election 2016 – who should get your vote?

Reading the manifestos of the candidates for the position of Police and Crime Commissioner, it can be difficult to distinguish between them. All candidates want to reduce crime, build better links with communities and support victims. We’ve picked out some of the key issues which might interest cyclists and help you weigh up who to […]

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